May Updates!

We got chased out of Huntsville last week by tornado-warnings in the area. We were camping again, doing more trail work since they loved us so much they wanted us back and the weather turned sour in a day. We got a call from my crew leader saying he was two hours west and driving through sideways rain, so with thunder rumbling omniously in the air we started paddling across the lake as fast as we could back to camp and secured everything. Just in time for the storm to hit. The rain was coming down so hard it hurt and the thunder was shaking glass, it was that bad. No twisters actually hit the campgrounds, thank C’Thulu for that, but we actually had a lightning bolt strike less than 30 feet away. Unfortunately (yes, unfortunately; I wanted to see!) I was inside at the time watching anime with a few buddies but the others outside said for an instant all you could see was white light, followed by a few chunks of debris raining through the air. Turns out a tree got struck and damn good; before we left I found it…It had a jagged line snaking straight down it from where the bolt seared off bark. I took a piece home as a souvenier; very cool! I’d hoped to find where the bolt struck ground because sometimes the lightning will fuse glass in the shape of the bolt! Now THAT would have made for a great memento. I dug around a bit but no luck. If I’d had more time I’da broke out a shovel but alas, it was not to be…

 Never letting a roommate use my computer again…I let my roomie Kyle use it so he could check bus schedules and job listings…Next thing I know I’m fighting adware and malware and stuff. What the hell…It’s been that way for nearly a week; I’ve made things better between four different spyware programs, one of which I purchased (and am considering billing Kyle for) but things are still buggy, to say the least. He said all he was doing was checking austin craigslist and a popup window came up asking to change the homepage, which he studiously ignored, but to no avail. Yea…I checked my program history and turns out he was surfing porn and picked up a bug on the way. Dude, at least own up to why you fucked up someone else’s stuff, that pisses me off even more.

Today it was close to 100 degrees. Not being completely heat-acclimated…We were dying. Well, not me somuch as some of my other coworkers. I stayed well hydrated and took breaks whenever I got too tired. Two of them complained of nausea/minor heat exhaustion and had to sit out for a bit. I think that once I get fully acclimated there will be no problems though, since this is close to the worst Austin has to offer. I think 110 is as bad as it usually gets in the summer. I walked home shirtless to work on my farmer-tan. God that felt good, even if I was drenched in sweat and my legs hurt like hell cuz my boxers got soaked and bunched up between my legs and started rubbing between em…Not that you really cared but it’s the number one thing on my mind right now cuz now it hurts to walk and I better heal up fast cuz I gotta do a hell of a lot more of the same tomorrow. Lotion felt like acid mixed with lemon juice…Maybe some vaseline? Quit bitching and rub some dirt in it? What say you all?…

So yea, as some of you may have heard, I will NOT be making an appearance at Ragnarok this year…The reason is simple, no mincing words, nothing: I don’t really want to. Be it that my lack of Dagorhir exposure has lessened my interests overall or I just don’t feel up to the trip, I gave it a lot of thought and decided that I didn’t want to go this year. So I do hope none of my friends took my decision overly personally; I was incredibly touched by the offers of payment for getting me up there via flight or bus and it almost changed my mind. I also know that two of my friends will be getting handfastened there and wanted me to attend, and I was again, thankful that they wanted me there that badly, but ultimately, this is my decision. I’ve had to dissapoint a lot of people with my move, not just getting here, but other visits have had to get cancelled due to various reasons…Me getting up to Buffalo in June just became impossible for reasons I will clarify on later…I had also wanted to go to GenCon this year but that also probably won’t happen for the same reason. So yea…

Reason being that I might be becoming a Crew Leader of my own crew! In June we’ll be getting new blood in the form of inner city kids (high school age) who need the opportunities presented by the program (living stipend, college assistance) for three months and I’m applying for a crew leader position. Let me say first that they really did a shit-tacular job of selling the position. My vacation time has to happen before or after the Summer Program, I have to be in earlier, plan stuff, drive places, police/counsel/put up with the kid’s crap, AND I LOSE MY HEAT DAYS!!! Instead of working Mon-Thurs during the summer and getting three day weekends, I’m Monday-Friday. That sucks. BUT I get 6 extra dollars per day. Oh, and the experience. So why am I doing it? Well I considered it at first and said to myself “you hate leadership positions; you don’t like having to take the fall for everything that goes wrong, being on the spot, organizing stuff…The benefits suck…You don’t like conflict or dealing with difficult people…Don’t bother.” And then I decided: well maybe I should do it to prove to that dissenting voice that I CAN do exactly those things. I’d like to say it’s because I want to connect with the youth and become a role-model and blah-blah, but while these are valid reasons, my main objective is to test my own bounds and prove that I can do it. And I said exactly as much in the essay I had to write as to why I wanted the job. Generally honesty is rarely the best policy when it comes to stuff like that, but considering out of four positions available, four people said they were gonna apply, and I know that only one other person actually turned IN an essay…Yea, I think I’ve got it in the bag. Unless of course my crew leaders think so poorly of my leadership skills that they deny me anyways, which is completely possible, but still…

Finger’s crossed. And legs. Ow. 

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  1. sucks about the legs, that always hurts like a bitch, vasaline works better than lotion and sting a whole hell of a lot less. try switching to boxer briefs, that bit of elastic leg stays in place better, I set myself up with some a ragnarock or 2 ago and they really help.

    As to missing rag… SUCK. but I gotta respect the honesty, it’s all I ever expect out of people. hopefully it’s not that you are getting blase about fighting, cause you are a blast to fight. we’ll miss you at rag, good luck on getting leadership job thingy!!!

  2. I missed this back when you wrote it, so I have to ask: Who’s getting hand-fasted? Anyone I know? That’s something I’d try to get out there to see if I knew them.

    Really excited for you about the potential Crew Leader position. I wish I had read this before, so I could have asked you about it when you were here. Did you get it? Did you tell me you did, and I’m just being completely air-headed and forgetful?

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