Today  was hilarious. I ran down two armadillos. Or one that didn’t learn it’s lesson the first time. We were at the North Metro park installing a cedar fence and I saw the lil guy trekking across the field nearby. Now, I’d always thought they were fascinating critters. They just look so damn cool, and they’re living fossils. So I threw my tools down, took off my safety gear, and ran it down. 

…As I got closer and closer it just…Kinda…stood there. 20…15…10…5…And I stop and its just staring at me. I stare back. I reach a hand towards it, then tt’s lil ears twitch, then it takes off running like I’d kicked it in the face, PAST me towards the woods. Wow.

An hour later, I had a repeat performance, only this time I ran after it, herded it back the other way, and followed it to the edge of the woods. They’re funny as hell; I think I’ll catch one. My crew leader Wade shared an amusing story: in the Texas legislature that branded Armadillos as the state small mammal, people said “the armadillo shares many virtues Texans do, such as an intense love of freedom.” They should have put slack-jawed stare there too. But I suppose that’s hardly a virtue.

In other news, next week I’m headed out to Big Bend National Park to do trail work in a no shower, no cell phone zone for 9 days. Should be amazing; half our stuff gets there via mule train, then we eat the mules and use their bones and skin to build tents. Ok, not really, but cmon, a fucking mule train and a six mile hike uphill on the Mexican border! This is gonna be great.

~ Earl.

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  1. *laughs* “Eat the mules and use their bones.” Priceless!

    The armadillo story reminds me of that time Rome ran down a woodchuck, except that it turned around and tried to eat them. That was awesome.

    Hope you have an AWESOME time at Big Bend. (“Look kids, Big Bend, Parliment!” Wait…I might have messed that up.)

    Jesus didn’t go to no outer-space.

  2. you shouldnt have included the ‘not really’ in the mule skin and bone tent snippet

    i have lost all respect for you earl how could you


  3. heh.

    i remember this day! one of the most memorable armadillo sightings in the history of ecorps.

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