Mmm, Update-tastic

Big Bend Statistics:

Galaxies seen: 1
Shooting Stars seen: 20-ish
Tropical Storms Experienced: 1
Scenic Vistas: Lots
Pounds of Rice Eaten: 42
Gallons of Gatorade Consumed: 29
LD50 of Gatorade (in gallons): 3
Altitude Reached: 7470 ft. above Sea Level 
Miles Walked: ~ 50

Black Buzzards: Lots
Peregrine Falcons: 2
American Black Bear: 2
Mule Deer: Lots
White-tail Deer: Lots
Javelinas: 2
Gray Foxes Heard: 2
Whip Scorpion: 2
Desert Tarantula: 1
Tarantula Hawk Wasp: 1
Ants: 1 Septillion
Honeybees: Everywhere

Let me just say that this trip was so great that I might consider taking it again, since I wasn’t able to collect all of the GPS data I had wanted. I was a little concerned at first; we had a 6 mile hike from base camp, mostly uphill, to get to our main work site and we were starting in the heat of the day in the Chisos Basin. During the hike we got  a real feel for the surrounding area. We came across two hikers at one point who were looking up at a tree. We all looked and there was a black bear just sitting there, maybe 15 feet away and as high, munching away at acorns and completely unconcerned with us. We took plenty of pics and oohed and ahhed, then someone noticed the rabbit-sized cinnamon brown baby a little higher up…

I have a ton I could say and I’m not quite sure where to start or finish; I got to see the Milky Way almost every night, which was a first for me, being the city boy that I am. I had to try and play both sides of a near-mutiny amonst the crew…I got to know people I barely knew even this far into the program…Got to do some awesome trail work…Saw some incredible vistas…Collected rocks and fossils illegally…Almost made it into Mexico (damn high-water)…What say you guys ask me questions and I’ll respond, eh? 

In other news next week I’m going up to Indiannapolis to GenCon! Go-go Gadget Gaming!! More on that later…

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  1. Any other cool pictures to share? What kind of fossils? Did you get killed while you were out there? If so, are you a zombie now?


    • I’m awaiting development on some new pictures but yea I’ve got some. I found a fossil of a brachiopod, which is a cool snail-clam analogue, and a snail shell as big as a tennis ball.

      Ah…I…Don’t THINK I’m dead. But if I were a zombie I’d definitely be one of the special kind that can speak and can trick you into thinking I’m normal until I strike since I can still type and I don’t shamble.

      Exactly. Oh, by the way, read this. My favorite Forgotten Realms author wrote a short story I know you can appreciate.

  2. I envy you; I’ve always wanted to be able to see the sky at night, far away from the glare of the city lights, and experience the full wonder that it must have held for our ancestors. When you come home to visit after your program is over, maybe we’ll all go camping together and I’ll get to see it. We all miss you lots, me especially. Your down-to-earth perspective provided a grounding influence for me that has been lacking of late. Hopefully you’ll grace us all with your wisdom sooner rather than later. This program lasts ten months, right? I’m still hoping that you might be home in time to celebrate my birthday, though I’m not really sure what your plans are.

    You’ll be happy to know that I’m no longer strictly a Dash’s buttmonkey. I just landed an (unpaid) campaign internship. The interview was yesterday. I’m working for a democratic candidate named Alice Kryzan. I’m still figuring out the whole graduate school thing, but I’m thinking political science at UB in the spring, if they’ll accept me (my quantitative scores on the GRE were less than impressive). Oh, and Laurie is finally moving out. I have to say, I’m a little jealous of her, but the fact is I still can’t afford it and I really don’t want to settle for a crappy job just to pay the bills while it grinds down my soul even further than Dash’s already has. I think you probably know how I feel though.

    That’s pretty much all I can think of in the way of news right now, at least all I’m willing to post on a (semi) public forum, at any rate.

    • It’s so great to hear from you…I miss you a ton as well even if I don’t call; been feeling the homesick vibe as of late. No matter where I go I have far too much history in Buffalo not to consider it my hometown. I am also very happy to hear that you’re no longer doing just Dash’s.

      I do still WANT to come back and see you all. Implementation will be difficult, but I’m already looking into it. My main hangup is that I don’t know what I’m doing afterwards; I want to move elsewhere but I dunno where or what yet. Once I’ve got that figured out…

      Laurie’s moving finally? Ah, I know she’s gotta be estatic to get out and away from Michael. What part of town did she decide on?

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