Tales of East Texas

Just got back in Austin yesterday; we were out at Angelina National Forest doing some construction work on a few trail bridges and we got told to pack it up due to Ike…And good thing we did. The things nearly as big as the entire state!! Whomever still thinks global climate change is a leftist myth is living in denial, seriously…Even in my own lifetime I can see the differences.

My buddy Elliot half-joked that I should avoid Jasper, Texas, 20 miles distant, as a few fellas picked up a black hitch-hiker back in…1950? 1978? No…2000-something, and dragged him behind their truck until he died. Quality folk, those East-Texans…I used to have family in the area, so I can say that. I ended up going anyways to get some tools we needed for our bridge. So…Many…PICKUP TRUCKS WITH JESUS SLOGANS!!! What’s that saying about uncomfortable, whores, and church? I almost embraced the awkwardness and asked for a National Geographic in my clearest accentless tone at the gas station mart but bit my tongue and bought my M&M’s with as little speaking as possible, lest the pointy-headed ghosts who are friends with Jesus come and show me a good time. Maybe next week…

So I’m here in Austin. That leaves me with time to get ready for us to go back Monday when we might be doing more of the same or disaster relief, depending on the situation…Had to do some laundry because for some reason water and my own sweat fermented on my unwashed clothes early on to make my entire suitcase smell like someone poured ammonia in it…Gross. That and ants, unrepelled by that or the bug spray I sprayed within it, have taken up residence and refuse to leave. Maybe they’re eating all of the dead lovebug carcasses that coats everything I own since we came down just in time for a flight of lovebugs. For all of my northern friends, a lovebug flight is basically thirty lovebugs per square foot of air on a light day. They’re fornicating flies that have sex on EVERYTHING, an entire two week-long orgy that takes place on your face, in your mouth, in your cereal, your suitcase…Pretty much anywhere they can nuisance themselves. At least they don’t bite or sting. Got my first tick too. As much as I love camping…I hate camping. I DID get to soak in a sulphur spring nearby that was chilly but quite nice on the last day, and found a turtle shell on the way back to camp.  I imagined myself sitting under a waterfall contemplating the majesty of the universe like a monk seeking enlightenment. I found a rotten egg odor that persisted for most of the night but I’d hoped my external parasites would disapprove and it seemed to work on the chiggers, though the mosquitoes seemed not to mind and I’d heard it actually attracts ticks but didn’t get any new ones..

Filled out some passport paperwork today and called my folks up to a.) let them know I’m ok as I’m farther inland than Houston and Galveston and Ike hasn’t messed with us (yet), and b.) request my birth certificate so I could finish it up. Gonna need a visa too for my…Plans. Once I get the passport I’ll spill the beans but for now it’s too soon and I’m really trying hard not to get too excited myself considering all I have to do but it’s so freaking hard…

What else? I’ve been thinking a lot about Buffalo as of late…I want to return again some point soon, it’s just a question of making it happen and fitting it into my current plans. Considering I mentioned a passport, it should be apparent my plans involve leaving the country for a bit but I’d like to see my friends back in Buffalo before then. No promises, but I’m going to see if I can work SOMETHING out and make it happen.

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