Gay White Supremacist Hobo-Student WTF??

We had to bust up hobo camps today at work. I love and hate that job, seriously. I hate it because we’re ensuring they stay right where they are, throwing away what little they have, sometimes important documents about their lives, but usually beercans, filthy clothes and broken electronics. I love it because it gives me a glimpse into their lives, what kind of people they were/are, what brought them there. I’m nosy, frankly. I sometimes wonder if I have any right to complain about it when I’m right there tossing stuff with the rest. They’re on city property, land being used for habitat restoration or water quality protection. And even though John our partner gave us an out, saying if you feel bad to leave it. Leaving it for the other city workers to pick up is no better since looking the other way is still sanctioning it; your hands just don’t smell as bad.

Well today I certainly didn’t feel quite as bad as usual. We came across the campsite of a gay white supremacist UT student-hobo. Yea. Two copies of Mein Kampf, three copies of Nature’s Eternal Religion (<= pdf), a book whose symbol is a W with a Crown over it. One guess what that stands for and it’s not the long-anticipated Burger King-Wendy’s merger. You may also note the Christian cross crossed out. It’s…An interesting read. Chapter V talks about "The Black Plague in our Midst." As I said: interesting. The guy also had a shirt with that symbol on it that also hit the garbage. There was a book detailing paths to power that gave laws such as using people’s emotions against them and finding their Achille’s Heel and exploiting it.

And then there was the gay porn. So, so much porn; I’d say half by weight and 2/3rds by volume of what we threw away was gay porn. Gripping titles such as and "Jocks in Jocks" and "Lots of Meat." The pill bottle of Viagara was the kicker. Considering the high-quality stuff he had we figured he was less of a hobo and more of a social outcast since pretty much none of his things were "survival-oriented;" it was just plain questionable and doesn’t belong in mommy’s basement.

The official slogan of Austin is "Keep Austin Wierd." Glad to see everyone doing their part.

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  1. i feel dirty just reading this post. I’m kinda glad I missed this day out. maybe it was just his sex/hate spot. this hobo probably lives down the street from me. grrrrrooooossss.

  2. and it’s not the long-anticipated Burger King-Wendy’s merger.

    DAMN IT! We’ve been waiting SO long!

    And what was the symbol on his shirt? I’m guessing the golden arches next to KFC? Blasphemy! 😉

    Seriously, that sucks. People often suck. When you do this stuff, are the people often there, or just their crap?

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