Why do I keep trying alcohol? I keep thinking I’m missing SOMETHING, that there’s some magic brew out there that will change my life forever. People just love it so much, and so many social events revolve around discussions on booze that there must be SOMETHING to it. I hate not knowing about what’s going on and alcohol definitely fits that category because I just can’t stand the taste.

So once again, I bought a random brew, as I’m wont to do once a month. Picked up a 6 pack of Brewhouse Brown from Real Ale. And drank half the bottle. Sorry, forced myself to drink half. The other 5 bottles sit solemnly in the refrigerator awaiting the touch of a true conniseur. 

8 bucks that could have paid for my passport photos is what I see everytime I reach for the orange juice. Fail.

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  1. *laughs*

    I can’t say I like alcohol, though there are some drinks that I enjoy. As for beers, I leave them alone because I just can’t find one I like at all.

  2. what made milwaukee famous . . .

    there’s nothing great about alcohol. and i absolutely love the taste of good beer and wine. getting into it was a big mistake, but i don’t know that i’ll ever go back on it. . .who knows.

  3. You know, I don’t get it either… I can’t stand beer (any kind that I’ve tried, which is quite a few sadly) and I’m not much for the hard stuff unless it’s mixed with something sickly sweet and wine is ok but makes my head spin after half a glass… It’s time to just stop spending money on trying…

    • Eh…I’ll definitely be posting again saying “why did I try X drink??” in a month or so. It’s kind of like candy corn…You know its disgusting but you just keep trying it.

      As far as beers go, if I’m in the mood, I find Shiner and Blue Moon to be somewhat tolerable. As in I can actually finish them with a straight face.

  4. hey what about my mead… I thought you liked that…
    Although I’m kinda with you on it. most alcohol I don’t like the taste. mixed is the way to go you can moderate how much you taste.
    and beer… uggg… it’s not the way to go. nuf said.
    for me the easiest stuff to drink are the sweet bubly drinks like schmirnoff and mikes….. do they have high quality beverages like that near you???

    • Mmm, this is true. I made a definite exception for your homemade mead. I enjoyed that. A lot.

      Now see, I don’t really count those in the alcohol category cuz there’s so little alcohol its unnoticeable. I DID enjoy those PMF’s too, but again, it’s the sweetness that hides it. I’d like to be able to appreciate, say, a whiskey for its own sake, but blecch, the BURNING!!…

  5. too bad you missed the hard cider at rag this year. it was incredible. the problem with you is you are BIG, it takes alot to do anything to you. but the mead and cider this year would have caught up to you.
    wiskey and scotchs are not so much and aquired taste and they are an aquired tolerance, the burn. the key is it is the first sip or 2 that burn, (like spicy food) and after that there is not really a burn, or for those in the light weight class do it on the rocks(with ice) after breathing on ice for a minute the burn gets cut down.

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