The Plot Thickens…

See a few posts down for my rant on Hobo camp removal (Gay White Supremacist Hobo-Student WTF!?).

We had to do it again today. Interestingly, we came across another camp that belonged to the same guy, Neil-something. More of the same literature as before, and the usual porn. But what was really interesting was what my crew leader Wade and I started to dig up. We started coming up with a Social Security card, a credit card, and other sensitive wallet-materials belonging to some guy named Thomas Merrigan. So we thought “ok, maybe he lifted a wallet.” Then we got more creative. “No, sounds like a forest tryst.” Then we came up with a business card.

He’s a 4th Order Franciscan Catholic.

…I kid you not.

It’s too crazy for me to make it up. Franciscan monk meets White Supremacist hobo…Love at first sight? That would make an interesting sitcom. What would you call it? Reply with titles in comments section. We weren’t sure until I dug up a small post-it with the words “Turn me on Tommy baby!” written on it with a little man holding up two hands with the number 14 on them. It’s like the Da Vinci code, only less earth-shaking and covered in filth. At least I assume it’s less earth-shaking; I believe I’m the only human on earth who has NOT read the book or seen the movie.

Anyways..I decided this isn’t stuff that should get thrown away and I should take it to the police. For all we know the guy was murdered or something and at the very least he’ll have some peace of mind knowing his stuff’s safe. I’m gonna shove it all in an envelope and take it to the police station downtown tomorrow. I’m leaving the note in there too just because it’s funny.

Oh, I almost forgot. The plot takes yet another twist! I Googled this Thomas Merrigan guy, and apparently he’s a scam artist. I came up with two links, one post apparently by him asking someone of the church if he could create the 4th Order of Franciscans, and another by a blogger ( in Minnesota pointing out that his order is false and he’s a scam artist looking for donations into his own bank account.

Why was this Thomas Scammagain in Austin? One of the cards we pulled out was a library card…Perhaps its a sign I should continue the clue hunt there. All I need is a blonde jock-type with a scarf, a short bookish type girl with glasses, a tall high-maintenance type female, an unkempt druggie fellow, and a talking dog. I already know who I’d cast out of E-Corps in each role, too.

Oh, I also forgot to mention. There was a disposable camera there as well…Hm. I think I’ll ask if any of my friends develop their own film. Might be some rather incriminating photographs on it, for all I know.

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  1. i swear it’s like you find everybody wherever you go

    im honestly waiting for you to find REINCARNATED JEW HITLER ICE CREAM MAN WITH LACTOSE INTOLERANCE at some point

  2. a scam artist?

    interesting . . . but it would have been weirder if the guy had been a legitimate priest.

  3. Re: Felipe!

    Added you. Glad you’re making one. I’ll check up on you often!

    Seems we both made a move south. Of course, I love the heat myself, but its a dry heat, unlike Tampa I’m guessing.

  4. Re: Felipe!

    I have the Gamecube Smash and the Wii Smash now šŸ˜€

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