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I feel like crap. But only when I move…When I’m still I’m fine, but if I move my head even a little the pounding begins. It feels just like a dehydration headache, only I’ve been having muscle soreness and water and inactivity aren’t helping at all. I’ ve got SOMETHING, but I don’t know what. I’m pretty sure I picked up a bug while I was out in Angelina in the wake of Ike; my tick bites still itch 3 weeks later and look wrong. My buddy Elliott at work actually got the bulls-eye Lyme Disease rash and went in…I didn’t get it, but considering, it seems probable I might have a similar bug.

Went to the doctors today for the first time in…Forever. And reaffirmed that I still indeed hate hospitals. Waited 3 solid hours before they called me in to look at me. Then they direct me through the emergency ward, put me in a room that reeks of antiseptics and tell me to get into my smock thing and lay down on this death-machine with needles, wires, buttons, clean linens and wheels. It might have been a standard sick bed but I’m pretty sure it was a Matrix robot power-cell designed to siphon my life essence into the battery packs of soulless machines hell-bent on conquering the remnants of humanity. I say “Is this really needed? I’m just here to get some tick bites looked at.” The woman says yes.

…She’s one of THEM.

Not wanting to cause undue alarm lest they realize I’m wide awake to all of it, I stripped down, got my smock, and laid there. And this is where I realize I’m drifting into a creative tangent and am embellishing. I was about to say there were at least a dozen Agent Smiths but I really only saw a couple.

Either way long story short after I kung-fu’ed them all into looking at my tick bites the doctor said that I needed to schedule an appointment with this OTHER doctor because they can’t do the appropriate bloodwork there. But he did give me a prescription for some drugs for the migraines I’ve been getting and some perscription strength aspirin for the soreness I’ve been feeling. I hate medicine. It usually just treats the symptoms and reminds me I am in fact, not an immortal. But I guess I’ll go get them tomorrow…

I hate being sick. If I try and ask for more time off Chris is going to give me a hard time, so I guess I should go in. Plus I don’t know how many bank hours I’ve got.

On the plus side I’ve made lots of progress re. my New Zealand plans. My passport arrived in the mail today. I’ve learned a lot about the Visa process and about a loophole or two I might exploit. I’ve found some decent options for airfare online…And as I was eating a late lunch at Borders, I noticed a fellow reading a magazine about Buddhism. I started asking him about where he’d recommend I start as far as gaining more information and we struck up an interesting conversation. His name was Chong, he was Taiwanese (first time I’ve met someone from there) and was in Austin studying at a new Buddhism Center on 45th street he felt captured the true spirit of it and was relatively “un-Westernized,” as he put it. They only have 10 members, but he took my email and promised to email me the addy and said I should come by sometime.

I’m not a fatalist, but sometimes I have to try hard to remain as much.

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  1. First, I hope you feel better quickly and I’m sorry you’re sick.


    but he took my email and promised to email me

    This line caught me as funny even though I knew it shouldn’t. To my unthinking mind, people who are Buddhist are bald, wear funny orange togas, and don’t use computers.

    Yes, I know it’s a wrong concept, and my thinking mind understands that that’s not right, but when I first read it, all I could think was “How does he know how to use a computer? They don’t have them in the shrines, I don’t think?”

    Bah. It’s funnier in my head, because I’m being ignorant and dumb. Which is funny because it’s me?

  2. We hope you feel better soon ::hugs:: Tyson gives long-distance wet kisses. He still perks up and sometimes barks happily if we say “Earl.”

    • Eww slobbery dog kisses?!

      I’ll take em anyways. Thanks for the hug too. I feel much better today for some reason, though I can’t shake the feeling it’s the calm before the storm, y’know?

      “Earl’s not here…”

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