New Zealand Updates

WELL…Heard back from Ajahn Chakando, my contact at the Vimutti yesterday. According to him, I can qualify for the Religious Studies Visa process if he writes a letter of recommendation. Which is probably the best possible visa option because it gives me a YEAR to wander the country legally, and they don’t track my bank info OR ensure I have a return flight. SCORE. Gotta call the embassy in DC tomorrow to ensure I know what he needs but so far things are going extremely well.

Did some searching on flights…I’m looking to perhaps leave a bit earlier than intended, to avoid the holiday rush, which lasts well into January from my research and naturally the airlines take full advantage. I might be leaving at the end of November, so I’ve gotta try and plan accordingly…

Went to the animal shelter over the weekend and fell in love with a German Shepherd/Chow Mix named Lydia. She was the best dog ever…So calm and relaxed in temperament, perfect size (bout 80lbs or so), beautiful fur and eyes…I wanted her so bad. If only it wasn’t nearly impossible to get a visa otherwise. But I’m sure she’ll find a good home.

My buddy Aaron and I were talking about dogs and got to talking about mutts and we considered first a Great Dane and a standard poodle, giving us a curly haired bruiser with a bow in his hair and a goofy look. We chuckled a bit at that. Then we considered a Great Dane and a Whippet. You’d get a barrel chested huge dog with these long, bony dancer’s legs…I compared it to an AT-AT and pointed out all we’d need were a pair of poodles with leashes to run around it in circles until the ‘Dippet’ fell over for the best dog show on the planet.

Breeding dogs for my amusement goes against my principles but that would be hella funny…

I met a guy from Trinidad named Anthony at the bus stop today. I was reading a book on Taoism my roomate gave me and he asked about it in halting English with that Jamaican-esque twist on his words that marked the region. I didn’t mark it w/o asking but I should have guessed Caribbean; I’d guessed African. We talked a bit, he informed me of the error of my ways in a semi-tactful fashion (I love Christians), and I grilled him on his life and the Caribbean in general. It was pretty cool…He’s a marathon athlete and competes but only for his own amusement. He has a pretty normal job, wife, the whole bit, but still runs like a madman for its own sake. I wish I could do that…

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