Stark Differences

Obama visits his ailing grandmother while McCain spouts nonsense re. drug habits and terrorist links. Even if it’s obviously being used to benefit his campaign, cmon…What’s McCain’s campaign thinking? His image worsens by the day. I love it.

Why isn’t “Mavericky” a mood icon?

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  1. Pshaw. How dare Obama show emotions, and act human. He’s going to be the leader of the Free World! Do we want someone who will run to an ailing family member’s side in the middle of the world war that our current President is going to cause before he leaves office because his pal McCain loses?


    We want a leader who spouts nonsense and obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about! We want a leader who is going to die from a heart attack in two years! We then want a leader who can see Russia from her house in Alaska!


    What were we talking about?

    I like broccoli.

  2. Gah, politics aside (sorry, I dislike both of them… given the choice between the TWO I’d obviously choose Obama, but there ARE other options).

    But that’s not why I’m posting… I just read about your New Zealand plans! That’s awesome! I don’t know if I could deal with no-meat for an extended period… or actually be able to take CARE of the place at all… but it sounds like something well worth doing!

    New Zealand is on our short-list for travel destinations, we may have to hit you up as an Auckland contact by the time we head there! And stopping at a Buddhist Monetary (if we could) would be sweet too (we’ve been to plenty of temples in Japan and Thailand, so that would be awesome to see!)

    Good luck with it, I hope the transition goes smoothly!

    And yea, it’s all about the multi-tool.


    • Thanks for the well-wished mate!

      I’m hoping to check out some of the older, more traditional temples in time (especially Japan); any you’d care to recommend TT?

      • But of course!

        I asked Becky, and she said “All of them!”

        Depends on where you’d be going there, I can only recommend places along the southern coast of Honshu.

        Want to see a whole lot of different places all at once? Kamakura and Kyoto are both packed to the brim. Kamakura is super close to Tokyo, and Kyoto is a destination of its own.

        Todaiji in Nara is HUGE. Crowded too (one problem with the popular stops, like the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto).

        If you’d rather have something more peaceful (read: almost nobody there), there’s Horyu-ji, in Ikaruga, Nara. We hopped off the train and ended up walking what seemed like forever, with hardly any signs pointing to where we were going, before we finally got there. It’s out of the way, and the entire area seemed deserted during our walk. Claims to have the oldest wooden building in the world. It’s a nice, pleaceful place with a HUGE layout, and you’ll not have many people to share it with, a big difference from many of the other stops.

        But heck, like Becky said: All of them! Some of them blend together, but many of them are strikingly different from any others. So, unless there are some you HAVE to see, or you are making the trip specifically to visit temples, there’s a great selection of them no matter what area you want to visit.

        We’ve got tons of pictures, and if you are ever going and really want to know more, let me know!


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