Figured I’d throw some pic-updates on here. Those of you with Facebook have prob seen these already. I take no credit for any of these shots; these were taken by fellow E-Corps members.

Rub the disgusting hobo-bunny and all of your dreams will come true. Assuming of course, you wished for TB.
Bustin up hobo camps here in Austin

…Now, unless I’m mistaken, THIS…is supposed to be over THERE…
Angelina National Forest, East Texas in the wake of Ike

My sad little tent with a broken zipper that I had to shake hundreds of lovebugs out of every night.
Angelina, Texas

Staring off into the morning mists at 7000 ft. above sea level.
Big Bend National Park, West Texas

Whoa, back up. I think we just walked into a Western at some point.
Big Bend National Park, West Texas

Words for the wise:
On the road FROM East Texas.

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  1. these are all awesome, and that last photo was pretty much the greatest thing ever


  2. I love the hilarity of the last one, but the second-to-last one is the best, in my opinion. Awesome!

  3. Awesome pictures man. Love the last one for the humor, but have to agree with Kath that the second-to-last is best.

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