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I had no idea Halloween was so huge here in Austin. All you really need to do is walk downtown and people throng the streets, parading their costumes…Far, far too many to name, many of them quite clever, and many just made of win. And plenty of suck-tastic ones too.

I saw a vampire Sarah Palin ala 40 Days of Night at Elysium. There was an amazing Cthulu costume that was a guy knuckle-walking on stilts on the front AND back with a giant squid-head that put him at about 10-12 feet tall…He won the costume contest. Saw a few awesome Hellboys too. If I see another Joker, I WILL punch it.

Why is it when you fall asleep past 3 a.m. your brain says “no, I WON’T sleep in past 9:30,” even if you actually have the time to do so…

Today I’m buying my plane ticket. Updates on that later.

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