World reactions

How Interesting…It’s like Barack’s become a world celebrity. I’ve been reading quite a few articles on the world’s reaction and although it’s not all hugs and fireworks, quite a bit of it is. Seems the Middle East is the most jaded. The Muslim portion because they don’t see him bringing about any real change to the US policy that’s been enacted for decades. And the Israelis are afraid we won’t have their back anymore. I kinda like how wild Europe’s going over it all though I wonder how Latin America thinks, I’ll have to look into that tonight. Obama’s got a lot to live up to; I don’t recall ANYBODY shedding a tear at a single speech of Bush’s unless it was in despair. But we know he can. Why?

Scratch n’ sniff. Smells like Awesome.

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  1. first action as 44th president:

    -severe reductions on kryptonite imports
    -increase solar energy developments
    -send dow jones to the PHANTOM ZONE

  2. I have a shirt with this artwork on it 😉

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