Peru tries to off President-Elect with Chupacabra cleverly disguised as Dog

Obama & family were formally offered a Peruvian hairless dog, named "Machu Pichu," or "Ears" for short by Peru after word got out they’re puppy-punting for a hypoallergenic breed. It’s cute in the sense that it has dog-like qualities, but eh…Hairless? Gross. I confess, I’m also slightly curious to see what breed the first family eventually does pick. I will find a way to rescind my vote and demand a recount if he goes with a toy poodle. In fact, I will make news by assassinating IT during a major political function. Ok, maybe I won’t demand a recount; I dont think I can stand another. Maybe I’ll just stew for a few minutes. But I will be cross enough to half-write a nasty livejournal post, then delete it and make a sandwich.

I’ve got work in an hour. Sux. Two weeks to go and I have major senior-itis.

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