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So yea, I ranted about this before, but after receiving yet another bill in the mail today, I feel the need to do so again, just for those of you who aren’t aware. Went to the doctor a few weeks back to have some tick bites that should have gone away looked at after my trip out to Angelina National Forest. Here’s the breakdown:

Time spent waiting for service: 4 hours
Time spent in hospital: 1 hour
Services provided: tentative diagnosis, referral to another doctor, prescription for extra strength Ibuprofen (read: Advil!) for symptoms

Total bill before insurance: $460.40 That’s $278 to the doctor for her expert service, $192 to get to wear a smock and sit on a hospital bed for an hour, and a ton of miscellaneous charges.

After: $177.80 since my job insurance kicked in for the second bill the doctor herself sent to the company.

If my insurance had decided NOT to pay my bill because I had gone to the wrong hospital, as I was concerned about, my plans to New Zealand may have ended just now. My new healthcare plan is DON’T GET SICK BECAUSE U.S. HOSPITALS ARE FUCKING RIDICULOUS FOR THE UNINSURED!!! What if it was for something that didn’t occur at work? My mom was getting on my back about how I need to see a doctor after I told her I hadn’t been to one in about three years. FUCK. THAT. Your options are pretty much get good insurance, which means being locked into a steady job which grants you that, or learn to care for yourself better and put down the Big Macs. Yea, I’ll take option B.) so I can move to crazy places and remain my own master. Guess that means I need to shut up and roll with it since I chose my own path. I’ll hold out hope that there’s a way to do both though…

Oh, and two days ago I put some cider vinegar and listerine on the bites because I figured "maybe they’re just infected," and drank a bit of it as well, and they’ve gone down and stopped itching. I need to read up on homeopathic remedies.

…Hm. I guess there’s the lesson in it all, isn’t it? Suddenly I’m not so pissed anymore.


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  1. Unrelated to your post, but Ari’s coming home in mid-December. It would be nice, if bittersweet, for the four of us to be together again, however briefly.

    • I’ma call you to coordinate since I doubt you’ll read this before I do, but I’m gonna be in DE from Dec 11th to the 21st and I’d love it if you guys could come out and see me. There weren’t enough miles to do a Buffalo trip with Greg going that way as well and even if there were, the holidays are jam-packed and the flights are wierd (for instance, I couldn’t use Southwest to get a flight from Philly TO Buffalo, but I could from the other way – they give the worst flights to the free mile-users…Bastards).

  2. you drank listerine and cider vinegar?!?!?!?! ugggg. ***gagging noises*** mmm minty fresh

    • Heh

      Mmm, minty…Apple? Yea, it was a pretty disgusting combination. But vinegar seems to be a decent cure-all. At least it is in my experience, the listerine, while it doesn’t necessarily have to be drunk, I figured it couldn’t hurt to dose a lil extra.

      …..I don’t add listerine to the mix anymore.

  3. Hope everything’s better now. The US healthcare system sucks, and needs a total overhaul. That’s not going to happen while we’re still alive, I’m thinking, so let’s just keep doing that “don’t get sick” thing.

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