Thanksgiving Ham, anybody?

Firstly, let me say a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there! I actually went to a Thanksgiving event last Sunday; my buddy Luca from work invited me to his co-op and I had a great time. I got some great food recipe ideas (like baked pears and starfruit with brie and whiskey sauce over french bread) and got to meet some cool folks. And Luca truly represented the E-Corps spirit by toasting with his water bottle. Awesome. If only he was wearing his hard hat…I mean what if a chandelier fell on him or something? Either way…

So yea, this is my first Thanksgiving not spent in the company of my family. And while I’m loathe to admit it, it kinda sux. But I’ve decided that I am going to do something special anyways. I bought…HAM! That’s right, HAM! Anyone who knows me knows I love holiday ham so I’m going to try it again this year and see if I can learn from the mistakes of two years past at my old apartment with Derek and Kath and Amy. I think it will be delicious, personally. We’ll see.

In yet more news, E-Corps is (unofficially) over. I say unofficially because after a week break, me and a few others are going back for a final week to help them finish up a few contracts. I’ve always loved my job (even when I bitch about it – I mean who doesn’t? ), plus I need the extra $$. But I had to say my goodbyes to a lot of folk and it was kinda sad, I will miss them. I will post something a bit more…Profound about my year of work here once it’s officially over in a week and a half. My brain hasn’t locked it out of my mind yet so I can’t really write a good summary to something I’m still a part of.

And finally, I will soon be back into the photography groove. I’ve been doing a lot of shopping around the past few days looking into new digicams since mine bit if many moons ago and I’ve settled on the Fujifilm Finepix S2000HD. As is normal when shopping for electronics, I started out with an idea of what I wanted, then I saw just what was available, and slowly but surely, the bar raised, along with my price-level. I have to admit though, that I am a damn good shopper when I want to be. I was prepared to spent $170 for a camera of the same manufacturer that was two models down in quality and I managed to find this baby today for the same price. This camera blows my old one out of the water and I was intending on just getting a SLIGHTLY better one (see raised bar). 

I’ll be playing with 10.0 Megapixels (my old one was 5 MP), 15x Optical Zoom (vs. 10x Digital, which is a HUGE difference in quality), Image Stabilization (action shots and shaky hands are less blurry), SLR-like (Single Lens Reflex), doesn’t take 20 seconds to boot up, takes 4 AA’s instead of using it’s own specialty rechargeable, which some might see as bad, but AA’s are far easier to come across. So no more ruined trips b/c the battery is out of juice and there’s nowhere to recharge. They even make rechargeable AA’s so I get the best of both worlds there. AND this baby takes HD movies too! My old camera could stitch together shots for an animated GIF at 10 frames per second. And Super-Macro; it can take shots from as close as 1 centimeter (and you all know I LOVE Macro shots – my old one couldn’t focus past 2-3 inches and Digital Zoom ruins Macro). DAMN. I’m always suprised at just how far technology progresses in consumer electronics. My camera was mid-line four years ago, with a retail price of $800. Bought it on eBay for $300. The camera I’m buying now is considered LOW-END, and I’m paying $170.

I really want to get into the guts of the camera this time and move from advanced beginner to an intermediate level. I was just learning about ISO and white balance when my camera died. This camera has enough featuers to help me move further along in my photograpy hobby. So watch this blog soon for new pictures! And on that note, I’ve gotta go look for ham recipes.

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  1. cool about the camera 🙂 i’ve been drooling over slr camera’s cause i’m going nuts about the 3-4 seconds it takes most digital cameras to take a photo. Doesn’t sound like long but it is! expecially taking pictures of animals, they don’t sit still for you! i would love to hear your review of the camera when you get it 🙂

    Hope your ham was allthat you wished for 😛


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