Great Success!!!

Just checked my Visa status online and it turns out that getting the office of our Travis County Congressional Rep. was the way to go! They sent in my letter of sponsorship after I submitted my online application to the New Zealand Embassy and they gave me a Working Holiday Visa with special circumstances, namely that I don’t have to show proof of funds or outbound ticket upon arrival! 

Which means it’s official: I’m New Zealand bound, baby!

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    but no, seriously, that’s awesome!

  2. Very awesome!

    If the zombie apocalypse occurs while you’re there, we’ll miss you.

    If the zombie apocalypse doesn’t happen in that time, we’ll be glad to have you back. 🙂

    (did you get my email?)

  3. Wooo! Have fun, soon-to-be-kiwi.

  4. Cool! I hope you have fun 🙂 and i look forward to lots of pictures! Please post pictures? i can’t travel, need to live vicariously! Safe travels.

  5. Thanks guys! I’ll definitely be posting pics; they do have a computer there (somewhere…) and I just bought the camera online yesterday.

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