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Vimutti Buddhist Monastery
PO Box 7
Bombay, 2343
New Zealand
Phone Number: Will prob. change. Will update that to those who have it.

And while I’ve got your attention…Here’s a list known as the Eight Precepts; things I’m supposed to do while I’m here. Some of them are pretty standard but some of the others raise interesting questions. For instance, if I can’t intentionally harm any living being, am I to then leave a wasp nest in a location where ppl can get stung? As a caretaker that would seem counter-intuitive…What if an ant hill is at the base of a weed? I might not kill the ants outright by plucking that weed, but they will almost certainly die as their colony disperses and predators pick off their larvae. At any rate…

  1. To refrain from intentionally harming any living being, including insects.
  2. To refrain from stealing and taking anything that is not given to you. This includes making use of supplies in the monastery unless they have been specified for your use, for example, taking food from the kitchen outside the mealtime.
  3. To refrain from all romantic and sexual behavior.
  4. To refrain from lying. It is encouraged to speak sparingly and mindfully, saying that which is true, beneficial, kind, meaningful and harmonious.
  5. To refrain from alcohol, recreational drugs and other intoxicants that cloud clarity.
  6. To refrain from eating after midday . The monastery’s practice is to eat one meal a day in one bowl at one sitting. At other times there are certain drinks and tonics that may be consumed. This practice frees time for meditation and enhances simplicity of life.
  7. To refrain from entertainment such as music, dancing, playing games and adorning the body with jewellery, make up or perfume. This assists in focusing the mind’s attention inwards towards the Dhamma.
  8. To refrain from using luxurious beds, in order to encourage wakefulness, austerity and contentment with simplicity.

In completely unrelated news I have a full month of food stamps and I’m only going to be in town for a week more. You know what that means…

……. Whole Foods, baby! Seafood section! Monstera by the bushel! Cheese shop, fuck yea! No seriously…This is something only known by a few of my closest friends. I love. LOVE . Good cheese. Which is funny from me b/c I’m hardly the wine-swishing peppercorn-quail type but there’s something about cheese…My favorite is Abbaye de Belloc; a french sheep’s milk cheese I get from Whole Foods. It’s a semisoft, mild sweet cheese that goes great with anything. A steal at 13 bucks a pound too! There’s a goat cheese blend and a brie I discovered at a cheese fair a few weeks back at Central markets that were astoundingly delicious but I didn’t save the labels and I cried thereafter. The goat cheese was a hard, sweet, earthy cheese and the brie started sweet then moved to this earthy-mushroom tone that was kinda wierd but really good in small doses. More cheese please!

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  1. Is #6 going to be a problem for you? I know that you were much more of a grazer with your meals, lots of little things all day long, and not big into large individual meals. How will ONE meal a day affect you, do you think?

    • Yea, you picked right up on the number 1 thing on my list of big changes…I find that I can control my appetite by eating certain types of food; grains and pasta for instance stretch farther than junk foods hunger-wise. But I think I should try and get down to two meals a day, even though I already know I lack the self-control to do so. Or maybe just eat well while I can heh.

      I will adjust; I know I can do so. But the first month will be the worst; one vegan meal a day. I personally believe that grazing is the best way to eat though, so I doubt I will keep doing it after I leave.

  2. as to the bee’s nest at night they are less active, nd if they have any way of making them cold… dry ice on tome of the nest they will start to go dormant for a bit you can them move the nest… yeah…
    or a shop vac with a LONG tube. you vac them up then take a long walk to the enemy monastery and release them in their gardens!

    • Ahaha that’s awesome! Buddhist warfare…We will release bees in your Zen gardens and pee on your tea leaves!

      Thanks for the tips re. the bees though. I’m willing to bet I’ll have to do that and they prob have some native sparrow-sized hornet that can fly at 80 mph.

      • I think the no music thing is the weirdest…

      • That one doesn’t surprise me overly, though it means no having an mp3 player attached to my head which will leave me with a slightly lopsided look from not having the accustomed weight there. But not playing any music via instruments or w/e sorta killed one of my misconceptions about monasteries…

  3. i’d probably end up breaking like 3 of these rules by just walking by the place

  4. Say, rather Rule 2, followed by Rule 4, followed by Rule 1…

    And yes, posting meat-lover’s pizza on my LJ would result in me having broken teeth, which is very mean-spirited of you 😛

  5. Sounds like a place I would love to be right now. I really need to find my center again, and Im having no luck here.

    • Hey, if I can do it…

      Yea, I haven’t posted on it yet, but that’s another reason I’m excited about this…Being away from it all might allow me to find some sort of spiritual alignment and find clarity on what I want to accomplish in this life. But that’s for later.

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