Alternative Medicine Part II

I’m making deodorant alternatives. Why? Well as I mentioned in a post a few months down, I’m trying to learn more about DIY medicine and remedies, and interestingly, deodorant was a top find as far as products everyone uses that cause major problems down the road. I also was curious because deodorant isn’t something you can find in the middle of  a mountain hike easily and it would be handy to know recipes for your own blends. I went with one that called for once again, cider vinegar, boiled with pretty much any skin care herb imaginable, cooled and strained, then mixed with equal parts water and bottled in a spray mister in a sort of vinegar-tea. I went with lavender, Rishi Maghreb Mint tea blend (Organic cardamom, Organic peppermint, Organic ginger, Organic Fair Trade Certified™ green tea, Organic licorice root, Organic fennel, Organic clove, Organic black pepper), Rishi Lemongrass Melange tea blend (Organic lemongrass, Organic schizandra berries, Organic roses and Organic clove), and 12 drops of lavender/tea tree essential oil. Figured it would give a nice scent. One article I read mentioned it’s better to let the brew simply sit for 2-3 weeks instead of boiling it as you get a much stronger blend so I think I’ll leave a control batch here in Austin while I go see ppl in Delaware.  When’d I turn into such a hippie?…Stupid Austin. I love it.

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  1. you know if you don’t bathe long enough it starts to smell like vinegar

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