So I’m in Delaware right now; used my parent’s frequent flier miles to get me here. DE’s…OK. The problem is, the entire state feels like suburbia. There’s almost no "downtown region" to speak of in the area, and very little to do if u dont love small town diners, bars, and mom & pop tool stores. I mean, it does have its chains and I don’t say that chain stores are better anyways. My point is that for stuff to do in general…DE’s good because it leads to a ton of far more interesting places. Like Annapolis, Baltimore, DC, Atlantic City, and NYC…All within 2 hours of Delaware.

Just visiting the family. Which consists pretty much of talking over meals since my brother’s the only adventurous one and he’s in Buffalo right now visiting friends. On the plus side I’ve plenty of time to continue my NZ prep. The weather was really nice yesterday, even nicer than Austin, but I suspect it will turn frigid again 😦

Why is the "cold" icon red?…Dumb.

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