I did it. I finished the list. Im exhausted and I’ve gotta be up in four hours for the bus to the plane, which will take me to another plane that leads to a train that will get me to my hostel room…Awesome. Also I realized I left my tea ball at my parents house. Damnit…

My room’s not quite empty…I’ve left more than a few furnishings for the next roommate so they’ve no reason to complain…I really wanted to say something more profound but I’ve got nothing other than SF’s on the horizon, and from there I’m New Zealand bound for the New Year!

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  1. you have not taken into effect that there never was a new zealand

    we have all been totally laughing at you, im really trying to shoo you out of america and then i will assume the role of “EARL”


  2. oh my oh my earl. it’s all so exciting, be careful, but not too careful, just have a great time. make sure you have some hobbit moments, and i hope to hear about everything soon.


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