Holiday Spirit

Season’s greetings and Merry Christmas to all that observe it’s passing! 

…Hm. That doesn’t quite roll of the tongue so well. Maybe I’ll just stick with Happy Holidays.

Today’s my last day in Austin…I’m feeling surprisingly morose. I had my friends Ben and Adele come over last night and we watched first Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Ice Age, and last but not least, the amazing Quentin Tarantino film Death Proof. Part of it was shot in Austin so I was pleased I was able to pick out South Congress near the bridge over Ladybird, not to mention a famous taco place I’ve heard of many times but never been to.

Right now though, I’m feeling the same way I did about Buffalo. Leaving so many experiences, friends, and places behind to start anew. A small part of me questions what it’s all for, but the greater part knows I’m looking for the answer and the journey itself is part of the greater experience.

Stuff to Do:

X – Organize stuff into take and don’t take
X – Pack Bags
– Clean Room
– Drop off check at ATM, take back Vampire Hunter D
X – Return stuff to Walgreens
– Take clothes to Salvation Army bin
– Throw away rest, save goodies for roomies
– Get music onto MP3 player
– Email myself sensitive documents
– Plan San Francisco trip, get bus schedules
– Print relevant documents (Electronic Visa, Hostel Vouchers, Plane Flight documents for SF and NZ, letter of recommendation from monastery)
– Play one last game of Defense of the Ancients
– Format Computer

..It’s already 4 p.m.?! God(s)….Speaking of which!

I got some well-wishes from my father as well that I received with…Mixed feelings. The love and intent behind them were unquestionable, however as usual for Christians, he felt the need to proselytize and messaged me with a story that sign-pumpers in airports like to give out…Basically "if your plane crashed and burned (fear tactics for my immortal soul?…Nice.) and you stood at the gates of Heaven, what then? If God said "Why should I let you in?" And you told him that you were a good, truthful, just person, and it was all true…But you didn’t accept Jesus as your lord and saviour into your heart, so you’re going to burn.

…I do accept it in the gracious context the message was offered, but  I decided "why should I withhold my personal beliefs he he sees no reason to?" So I responded with:

Well I’d like to think the Creator of the Universe would recognize intent and action over confirmation of titles, but I guess if God asked me why he should let me in heaven, I’d say "why not?"  then ask Buddha if he’s got a spare floormat in Nirvana.

Nevertheless, thanks for the well-wishes, the prayers, and the love Dad, season’s greetings, and I wish you the best in all that you do. We will see each other again someday. ~ Earl Jr.

Firm and unyielding with slight sarcasm to get my point across, but with a warm finish to show I understood the important message. I almost put a quote I believe is attributed to Galileo that says something along the lines of him being asked by the Vatican if God took you now and asked you why you refused to believe, what would you say? And he responded with "I’d ask why he made the evidence for his existence so lacking."

And then I started reading a page with the Top Ten Atheist Quotes and I realized I was getting carried away. In case you lack the energy to move your mouse and depress your index finger, I’ll post my favorite. I don’t consider myself an Atheist, but this one’s incredible.

“I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours” -Stephen Roberts

And on that note I pack on, for tomorrow I’m San Francisco-bound.

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