San Fran Updates

Well I’ve got to say; I’m quite pleased with the hostel experience. My only gripe is having to share a room with other people, but on the plus side they’ve all been extremely nice and the hostel itself has proven to be a great experience. It’s sort of a hotel, only much more like a dorm as far as the environment goes. They organize tours, give plenty of good info about the area, have a rather crappy (but still!) pancake breakfast available…Crappy because I have to make the pancakes and it turns out I’m rather bad at it, but at least I wasn’t the only one. Last night we had a "Blue Party"…Blue because it seems to be the official color here and they served alcohol while ppl played foozball, pool, and just generally chilled out. I brought some plum wine I picked up in Chinatown (thanks Wade!) and shared it at the foozball table and it went over quite well.

Well I’ve only two more minutes of internets left then it kicks me off, so I’ll have to update on the San Fran trip itself later. As for now, Ive got to get my laundry, clean up, check out, and get some eats. Later ppl!

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  1. Your name came up often when talking to people in Buffalo. Laura (our old neighbor) is very excited for you and this adventure you’re on.

    Hope you get to read this. 🙂

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