Updates from Down Under

At the library in Pukekhoe, which is just 20 mins by car away from the monastery and figured I’d update real fast…(Internet cafe’s are a racket here…Even the library wants $2NZ per 15 mins…Geez). Weather’s turned real nice…Alex had to leave early this morning because he was having some severe allergy issues to all the plants and pollen here; I helped him last night move into the shower room and set up an air filter I found in the bathroom. He’s the sort of guy who gets real worried if you start talking about 2012 prophecies, so I think he may have been over-reacting a little bit, but better for his peace of mind that he left I suppose.

We have another monk staying for a week who just arrived yesterday; Ajahn Menundo. Older Caucasian male, maybe 60-ish, tells good stories…Was listening to him talk after lunch about Buddhist views on the processes of death and he always had an amusing end to his stories, which is something I can appreciate. Ajahn Chandako has no problem joking about his religion at all; we do so light-heartedly all the time. I’m pretty sure he even said "I’m shitting you" once when he was explaining that he was joking to a confused Sri Lankan, but he mumbled it, as if his brain had to hit the brakes on his mouth, but the mouth’s brake pads were well worn. (Who hasn’t had a moment like that?…) I like the fact that even the monastics don’t take themselves too seriously.

I moved into the trailer today. I just hope Alex didn’t secretly have some strange disease and I end up getting it. My spider bite still looks raw, I’m mildly concerned, but not too much. I’ve heard the Whitetail Spider has a bite that creates the occasional reaction and I have seen a few here and there, but its been 4 days and flesh isn’t falling off, so yea.

For my next 2-day trip, I think I’ll hazard Auckland itsef, the City of Sails (makes me think of Waterdeep). The new kuti’s almost complete, so I should have no problem getting both days together this time. But for now I’ll stick with Pukekhoe. Picked up some Chinese pears at a local market and wandered the aisles a bit to see what’s different. Here in Australasia there’s this thing called Vegemite (or Marmite) that’s real popular; I got to try some at lunch today…Eh…It’s an acquired taste. It’s a paste of Yeast extract that tastes like soy sauce.

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  1. 1) Pictures!

    2) That’s a lot of money for internet. Doesn’t the monastery have wi-fi? Geesh! 😉

    3) Seriously, sounds like an interesting adventure so far.

  2. Glad to hear everything is going so well for you! How is the progress on the book? I look forward to hearing more about your adventures over there. Take care and happy new year!

    • I finished it last week. The ending made me find a phone and call my mom. Seriously.

      A guy from Virginia was staying at the monastery until just yesterday named Ben and was just starting the book heh. It’s just like near the end, where the main char. starts seeing it spring up everywhere…Crazy. O_O

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