Photo updates!!

Chinatown, San Francisco

Me with a french tourist who thought I was cute. Taken by her daughters who also thought I was cute.

Auckland Museum at the Domain Park. I had to get a shot of the sky today; it was absolutely beautiful.

A moa replica, which does not do the thing the slightest bit of justice with me in front. I tried to stand there for scale…I actually come to about the thing’s SHOULDER. And these are birds that existed until fairly recently in history. Crazy.

I love jumping spiders…They’re so inquisitive.

Our new puppy Blue," an Australian Blue Heeler hard at work." He tries to herd us, it’s so cute..

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  1. awesome pictures, dude!

    glad you’re having a blast in NZ

  2. If you get a high resolution shot of Blue I’d love to feature him on The Pooch Page.

    Is it your job to clean up after the dog? 😉

    Glad you’re having a good time! I look forward to hearing more as time goes on.

  3. im freaking out over the puppy. e-corp is back and i miss you worlds earl. i hope the nz is awesome possum. take care.

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