Rotten-Rua Part III

Work’s been great so far, honestly…Mainly because it’s been so EASY. I may be making scraps money-wise, but I’m really having a pretty easy time of things…My major duties include weeding (lots of that), mowing grass, pruning, occasional construction work on the kutis (which has pretty much pettered out since they’re mostly done), and now some basic trail work…Carving walking meditation paths from the hills and making a very, very simply boardwalk out of scrap wood to get through a muddy patch are examples of what I’ve done around the place so far. I’m quite content at the moment…At least in some ways.

Buddhist thought states that seeking contentment for itself is a fool’s errand because one can never be completely content. Once happiness is found, it eventually fades and leaves one seeking a new source of happiness. I find that even though New Zealand has been amazing so far I’m already starting to think "so where to next?" What country, what job…And already getting antsy even though I just got here. So I’m working on grounding myself in the present moment and being happy with what I’ve got in front of me…Living each moment to the fullest instead of dreaming about the future. Or the past, for that matter, which I do a lot when it comes to Buffalo.

I’m trying to make a fire piston…I’ve done the research online and it seems pretty basic. I’ve the principle, which is using a cylinder and a moveable plug to compress air until it heats and ignites a combustible substance within. Then one pulls it out and lights said fire. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. We’ve plenty of scrap bamboo around so I can make this thing work, I think.

Oh, I’m in Rotorua again, by the way…Which means…THERMAL SPA!!! I even brought some swim gear this time. Woot. Even though I said last post I need to save more, banks and shit, blah blah…I’m spoiling myself again. Seeking happiness. Bad Earl, bad!

I’ve been reflecting on life and it’s progress lately; well mostly the progress of others…It’s a bit shocking watching my core set of friends in New York progress…Two of my oldest friends are getting married, another set just bought a house…These are things you know people do, but never expect THEM to do, so it’s sort of a shock because you realize that time has indeed passed and then you inevitably take stock of your own life’s progression. I’ll have to think on this later tonight over Paua. Well that’s all for now. Tonight I’m getting Curry and I’ve a free beer voucher I intend on collecting on at a local pub. Mac’s Gold is pure delicious. Hopefully I can hit a bookstore or two before I head out to the lake and meditate some…Been looking for some more older Faerunian books. And tomorrow I’m going to do a photo-session at the Rotorua Museum and update the ol’ Facebook. So watch out for that!

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  1. I think that the strangest thing I read in your post is something about beer being delicious? Who are you and what have you done with our Earl?!

    I’m glad to hear that D&K did get in touch with you. D called me yesterday and said he was going to try to stay in touch with people some more. The whole “marriage” thing is just crazy, huh? But maybe they saw how much awesome loot we got!

    Seeking happiness is not bad. Keep doing so. Maybe eventually it will simply come to you. Buddhism is cool and all that, but I LIKE seeking happiness. 🙂

    • Tastes change, what can I say? Or maybe beer just gets better outside of the states…It ended up being good for a house brew at that bar but it wasn’t a bad one.

      Actually D&K didn’t tell me; I heard via text message from Jackie, who in turn, saw Kath’s Facebook. Yea; so much loot! Want a crockpot or an ice cream maker? Just get married; one’s bound to turn up!

  2. i’m glad i found your LJ. read everything since you your arrival to NZ and i hope to hear more.
    -christian sawyer

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