Tudong Part II

Well to give you an update on what I’ve been up to…After driving the monks up north, I hiked it from Bombay to Mangatangi; spent  a few hours alone with my pack through farmlands and highway…Nothing much happened that first day. I found a nice stream in the township of Mangatangi to camp for the night…Saw some trout and decided to try my hand at it. And decided that I, in fact, hate trout fishing. When fishing, say, in a lake, or an ocean; your lure or bait goes in, and you don’t get to see the fish ignoring you the entire time…It’s actually rather UN-relaxing…So I gave up on that in short order, though I tried a bit of noodling as an eel swam up close to shore and started eating the pasta I’d washed from my cook-pot. I failed at that too…

Day two had me walking towards the town of Kaiaua, but since I decided to walk from there to Miranda for the day, I hitched into Kaiaua and had lunch at a local cafe; tried the whitebait fritters (a Kiwi specialty) for the first time. I was a bit dissapointed…Too much egg, not enough whitebait, but not bad. Sort of like a crunchy omlette. I was talking to some locals about my plans and one of them offered (well, demanded) to give me a lift into Miranda, which was visible along the coastline, so I accepted and ended up there a day early. I set up camp; one tent amidst a line of old folks in their campers and felt rather out of place, my youthful essence being leeched away by the prescence of the Reaper wearing flannel; black holes of vitality in golf pants…

…I need to start gaming again..

Anyways, so I set up camp. It turns out the folks I camped next to, Peter and Chris(tine), were there celebrating Peter’s 61st birthday, and invited me over for lamb and potatoes, dinner wine, and stewed apples and feijoa (it was either that or spicy Thai Ramen noodles…hm..tough call). Awesome. They also mentioned that they’d be headed back to their town of Paeroa after two days of beach camping and invited me along if I wanted. Since my plans were to go to where the wind took me; I decided to go with it since Paeroa was that much closer to Tauranga, where a buddy of mine lives…

…And I’ll have to finish this update later because I’ve 1 minute of internet time left…

I really do hate net cafes…

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  1. Internet cafes may suck, but MAN does your adventure sound awesome.

    Can’t wait to hear more. 🙂

  2. Think of it this way… the same karma bringing you these new eye-opening life experiences and people… is turned against those net cafes, keeping you from communicating with your friends… shame on human greed =/

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