Tudong Part III

So camping in Miranda was, in short, awesome…I had some great photo ops…Especially watching the sun rise over the Coromandel Peninsula…In Paeroa, I spent a day relaxing and checking out the antique shops that are literally on every corner of the small town…Picked up a great book on world religion for the monastery, and found out I was near a local attraction known as the Karangahape Gorge, or just K-gorge. Decided I’d check it out the next day, so I checked into a local motel and called it an evening over a helping of fried flounder and french fries.

The next day I got an early start on things…I hitched out of town to the K-Gorge in the truck of a farmer-fellow who picked me up because he thought my book was a Bible. WELL…You can imagine where that conversation went to. But it wasn’t bad and it was a short trip, so I won’t complain too much. Damn Bible-thumpers…As he pulled off, and I readjusted my pack, I realized something was amiss, for it fit far too well. That’s when I did a classic double-take and realized that I’d left my camera in the back of the guy’s truck! Doh! Of course he was going around a corner at that time and there was no way for me to flag him down again…All my videos and pictures for the trip…That really put a damper on my spirit. I tried to put it aside and enjoyed the K-Gorge for about an hour and a half. The scenery was amazing but I kept thinking "I wish I could get this on film…" I went through some old mining tunnels once the sting of camera-loss lessened and came across my first New Zealand glowworms, which was rather cool. They looked like sky-blue constellations. I considered camping there for the night but after losing my camera, and once again considering the bruise on my arm that was slowly growing in size since I started the trip, I opted to return to Auckland to get the insurance wheels rolling (naturally the wheels are square and rusty) and get my bruise looked at.

And now I need lunch…Eventually I’ll get this thing caught up to where I am presently haha. Just a quick update; I’m in Taupo at the moment, waiting for a bus into Auckland for the evening…I hitched there yesterday from the Whirinaki Forest where I did a 40-something K walk over the last three days…The Whirinaki is known as the most complete example of native podocarp forest in New Zealand, as well as having some of the best trout fishing in the region. I can attest to both claims being true…Also a great place to take pictures /cry

…And I just had to swat a sandfly in a net cafe…A sandfly HERE?! I didn’t get bitten or stung ONCE while tramping through about 50+ stream crossings but here in a major city center a sandfly just bit me on the arm…God…

…So what are YOU up to?

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  1. oi earl that sucks about your camera. i remember you put a lot of time and thought into buying it. nothing much new here. just got back from palmetto state park. we’re out there for two more weeks. not the horror story i imagined from some tales. it’s actually a pretty cute awesome park. i saw an owl and maybe heard the swamp monster. if only shoveling road base was the same excitement. I hope you’re doing well. i’m super glad to be able to follow your adventures. take care.


  2. Hi

    Hey, its Renzo, jaja i am glad to know i am not the only one fighting with farmers, thanks God you didnt insult his pigs, or you couldnt be alive..;)
    A hug, and good luck with the insurance!! I have some news here..moving out
    I ll see you, a hug, byee

  3. oh no, the camera 😦 … is it the same one you took on our trip while at UB that shot that laser grid? The one you took the picture of the insects covering the arm of a tree, making it look like it was alive and moving?

    Lets hope that the Bible-thumper remembers the 8th Commandment when he discovers your camera.

    I’m a horribly sentimental person, this would be a serious test of learning not to grasp on to impermanent things. I hope you can find peace.. and a new camera.

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