Little Writer’s Block…

I’m still trying to come up with something riveting for a base for a science-fiction short story for the L. Ron Hubbart writing contest…I mentioned it very, very briefly here (details here) and my plan was to have a plan by the time Tudong was over and start writing to meet the June deadline. Well, I’ve gone through about a dozen or so various ideas ranging from a scifi take on the death of the Iceman to a bit of speculative fiction on the Gray Goo theory (nanobots devour the world…downloaded human minds/artificial intelligence stuff) but I just can’t find anything that truly hasn’t done before…Maybe it’s pointless to try and be truly original but I get discouraged when I start mulling over a possibility and elements from stories or authors I’ve read start cropping up. I’m starting to lean towards fantasy-fiction over science-fiction since the contest allows for both but I’ve read a few issues of the published winners and I see almost no fantasy…Still I suspect fantasy-fiction would allow me a bit more freedom than sticking to something entirely plausible. Though the world-building will be a bit more troublesome…For some reason I find giving a sci-fi spin on a historical mystery somewhat attractive…But I’m also stuck on plausible ESP/telepathy…And not necessarily just for the aliens. If there are any aliens…Zombies would be fun…But zombies have been done so, so many times (and mutants, and every variation thereof…Gods forbid I even consider vampires!)…

Hm…Anyone have any ideas to share?

Update: An idea: humans have traveled far beyond the mother planet and after thousands of years of travel, have yet to find intelligent life other than themselves…The search becomes a racial imperative, with the usual philosophical-moral questions cropping up since the only perspective seems to be a human one. And all around them, in different perspectives, life, and intelligence, manifests. Sort of a sci-fi take on human perspective…

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  1. One man, traveling alone in a country unknown to him, relying on the kindness of those around him to help him out. This land, far from reaches of other areas, a paradise.

    The man notices things are odd. People are huddled around radios, or talking angrily to one another. Listening in, he finds that the world outside is changing, reports of zombies are streaming in from everywhere. Things are simply going to hell.

    The people go from nice to defensive and untrustworthy. How will this tall lone man survive in this strange land when now all he gets are shotguns pointed at him when he tries to hitch a ride somewhere? What will he do when the people start suspecting each other as zombies or scavengers?

    This is the story of one man, alone in a strange land; what happens when people stop being nice, and start thinking the zombies are coming?

    (Secret twist ending, there never were any zombies, just people who took over the airwaves to promote panic.)

    ETA: Oh, short story. Sorry. This would make a better book.

    ETA2: Did you know L. Ron Hubbard started Scientology?

    • He started Scientology?? That explains the scifi connection…I feel dirty, somehow.

      Maybe I should just write for the fun of it, first…As a trial run, and THEN work for the gold. I think my problem is I’ve been too results-driven during my mulling abouts…Thinking “oohhh, this isn’t original,” or “that wouldn’t make sense if he did that, because I want this to happen later…”

  2. My first thought was: OOOOOooooo, can I be in it!

    My second thought was: I have not done any writing in forever, and the science fiction that I watch just all seems like its been done before, and the only reason I like to watch still is for the inner human drama.. not the scientificiality (I invented a word!) of it. I never thought the story needed to be entirely outlandish… outlandish stories distract you from the real action with exotic hard-to-believery (another new word). And in the end, unless done well (long), seem shallow… like watching a talent show.

    So, I’ll say this… back in time when I dabbled in how I would write a story, I really just took the personalities I’ve met throughout my life, and applied them to characters, and threw them into some situation and let their semi-plausibly-predictable actions play out in my mind, instead of me coming up with their actions. Maybe it was selfish, but it was more entertaining for me, than writing 20 pages on how Dichotomy got her dead lover’s tattoo on the back of her skull.

    • I definitely try to avoid using personalities I know…Mostly because feelings twoards that person will probably crop up in the storyline…

      “Earl, interesting story, but I can’t help but notice my character gets hit by a meteorite, only to be resurrected and shortly thereafter eaten by mechanical piranhas….Is there something you want to say to me?”

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