What have I been up to, you ask?

I knew what I was getting into when I took the job…But the past two days have been BORING!!! I know, the point of a monastery is the lack of stimuli, but having worked there for four months already, there are few mysteries remaining at the place. My problem is, I can’t use ALL of the time constructively…I meditate, and learn, but my limit is about 30-45 minutes before my thoughts just start bouncing around unless I hit on something extremely interesting in my introspection, which is rare.

For instance, today, I spent 30 minutes watching spiders have sex under the roof of my trailer…I’d never really given much thought as to how spiders reproduce; it’s quite fascinating. The male drums the web with his forelegs, getting the female to rush out. But before she can presumably eat him, he starts drumming her cephalothorax with his pedipalps (this is hot stuff, aint it?? Reader-discretion advised…) and she sort of curls into a ball. The male then wraps her in his legs; he’s got a smaller body but his legs are longer, and then uses his pedipalps to sort of…Elbow her in the "diaphragm" (the region where her cephalothorax meets her abdomen)…And this little claw on the end of his pedipalps opens and shuts as it pumps sperm (presumably) into her body. He spends about 2-5 minutes in that position, and then shifts to her other side and uses his other pedipalp to pump more sperm into the female. And then shifts back and forth.

Eventually I got bored with that too, and after spending a brief moment reflecting on the nature of impermanence I went into my trailer and let 40 more minutes fly by as I listened to some tunes and worked a little on a D&D game I want to run when I got back to the states. I can’t wait for the monks to get back so I can get back to work…Ah, feelings and impermanence…Can’t remember the Pali word for it, but it’s so true.

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  1. I so wanna be in your D+D game. The one you briefly ran before was spectacular. I think a big part of it is your attention to detail. Derek took a funny video of Tyson, I should see if we can put it on youtube.

    • Heh

      I have three possible storylines to run worked out…The one I’ve spent the most time on is continuing that very same game I ran with you, Derek, Bonnie, and Eric haha. Dinosaurs and Mazticans and all; back in February I ran into some rare novels here in NZ that pretty much entirely flesh out Maztica and I started working on that game’s story every other week or so.

      So maybe when I get back we should continue…The other two stories I’ve got are a priestly game and restarting a drow campaign I ran in Austin that tanked when the PC’s started assassinating each other like good little dark elves (much to everyone’s amusement).

  2. When you come back, come to DE with your D&D game. I need a good DM.

    I mean, I have a decent DM, but damn do I miss role playing with you.

    • Likewise Miah! I’ve been craving a fix for awhile now…If I get back to Austin I fully intend on reclaiming my dice and books I gave away to my roomates haha.

      Maybe I’ll come up with a one-shot adventure for when I do get back to DE…That would be fun and I’m way overdue to run for you.

  3. make an entire novel revolving around spiders and the social implications and philosophies of them bumping nasties

    it’ll be a hit

    • also you might want to let me in on that DnD thing

      i haven’t played in ages (mostly due to crappy DMs who take the game insanely too seriously) but i trust your games would be fun

      • Yea I’ll definitely have to get you into a game sometime. But there will be NO SMILING. AND YOU MUST DRESS IN CHARACTER. AND IF YOU TAKE DAMAGE I WILL CUT YOU WITH A KNIFE.

        …But very low-key.

  4. your boredom is entertaining.

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