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Things are semi-back to normal here at Vimutti…Ajahn Chandako came back from Tudong with Venerable Joti Palo and stayed for only two days, then left for a conference in Mayalsia…Venerable is currently the Abbot, and I’ve gotta say, he’s great at organizing work projects. He gives me more or less complete freedom and the fact that he puts the responsibility on me makes me more willing to not only ask plenty of questions, but take more initiative…With Ajahn Chandako I’m generally afraid to do those things, lest he feel the need to hover over me and watch me work…Which brings up an interesting point…

It’s really interesting that there are so many mini-dramas even here…I’d come with this idea that a monastery HAD to be the idyllic community; everyone living in harmony and eating out of the same bowl, smiling and pushing each other on the swingset type crap…Four months in and I want to choke the life out of one of the laypeople staying here, everyone’s got a complaint about someone else…Human nature I suppose…This is honestly one of my better jobs and yet the faults are simply magnified instead of diminished. Thank the gods he’s moving on to become a novice monk in a month and a half; otherwise I’d have to help him through a cycle of rebirth the quick and easy way. Is that un-Buddhist? Definitely.

In other news I’ve decided to try bowing and seeing how it affects my psyche…And no I’m still not a Buddhist…I spent a LOT of time mulling over what bowing means to me and decided that the ideals demonstrated by Buddhist philosophy were worth honoring in such a fashion…Even if the monks aren’t perfect…Even if I have doubts that the Buddha was even a real person…And I do (especially after reading up on the similarities between Buddhist, Jain, and Hindi mytholohy)…But the consciousness-material is gold and I’d be a fool not to at least make the most of my opportunity here…Even if I have nagging doubts about organized religion being sort of a thought-plague that sucks people in with its (im?)plausibility once you sample it…If I come back and start spouting nonsense about Buddha being the ONE true path, put a bullet in my head; I’ve just become a zombie.

Oh, and major story-update in the LJ-cut! Read and comment, kthx!

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