Amusing news and Bad news


The samurai sword is my favorite but this is too amusing NOT to post. I would’ve given him an American flag to wield against the Dark Side over Luke’s saber for this picture though. Venerable Johti Palo showed me this one morning before work at the monastery. Fantastic.

New delays on the insurance payment front. Now the insurance company says they want a reciept saying that I purchased insurance through STA…Something they did NOT ask me for before…And of course the Claims specialist has no reason as to why the previous paperwork did not ask for it, only that it should have and that she was sorry. I don’t blame her though I’m still annoyed and my tone let her in on it. I don’t like jumping through hoops to test my resolve when I paid for upgrades that were supposed to prevent said hoops…What a racket. Good thing I kept detailed email records…

I just wanna take pictures!!! /cry When I do I think I’m going to celebrate by taking requests, or something…Reasonable requests, mind…And make a Facebook folder to put em on. I think that would be fun.

It’s just cold enough for the electric heater I’ve got stored in my trailer to make things comfy for a few hours a night. My sleeping bag’s rated pretty high but I like staying up later and don’t like seeing my breath while I’m doing it. The heater and my own moisture/body heat makes condensation on the inside of my trailer a bit of an issue though. Also mice are starting to get in because it’s toasty, which annoy me because they root through my closet and drawers in the middle of the night…And the trailer’s previous occupant, the last caretaker, drilled say, a thousand holes for electrical wiring and god knows what else, so the mice have gone and enlarged them via chewing, which I also get to hear. I’ve started using nonlethal traps and they work decently well.

In other news I’ve done yet another major story update. Things are getting interesting once again (I hope!)…And I’m trying to bring the plot threads together for a definite ending coming soon. So yea…Feedback is always good!

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