Poo-Flu’s got me down…But I bounce right back.

I’ve still got the "Poo Flu," as my illness has come to be known at Vimutti. I’ve been feeling off ever since I’ve been spreading manure across the memorial trees here, and I suspect the hay…Not to mention the other crap…Pun intended…Mixed into the horse manure is setting me off. I’ve never had allergies before, and I think I might just be having a reaction to the change of weather, but still…Whenever I get near the manure pile, my nose runs like a faucet. Oh well…If I’m going to be allergic to something I’m glad it’s something unpleasant to begin with, as opposed to say, chocolate, or seafood.

Nina and Blake are both leaving soon. Blake is going to see his family in Invercargill, on the South Island, the coming back for a few more days in June before heading to Thailand in June to ordain as a Theravadan monk. His excitement is…Interesting, from my perspective. I see many, many similarities about the situation to people that go and join the army…Funny, I know, considering we’re talking about Buddhist monks, but bear with me here!

The expectation for people being there to tell you what to do, where to do it, and being not only ok with it, but conceiveably looking forward to having structure where none existed before…The influx of powerful ideologies one has to adhere to in order to advance…The extreme changes in lifestyle, shared with other new recruits who might become lifelong friends as you and they go through a stressful, but ultimately life-defining period…The shaving of heads to erase feelings of identity and attachment to former notions of "self"…Basically the wholesale breakdown of all that one has come to know, to make one vulnerable to new notions and ideas.

At least, that’s my feeling on the matter.

I didn’t say it was a good comparison, but it made me smile nonetheless heh.

I’ve just crossed over the halfway point here at Vimutti and I think now is the time to begin considering my next steps. Currently, my plan is to return back to the US in October. I want to be present at Kath and Derek’s wedding, not to mention see all of my friends in Buffalo that I’ve been away from for two years…Seems like so much more time has passed…From there though, I’m a bit hazy. I’m thinking about spending December in Delaware…Spend time with my family, and hang out with Miah and Maria…And not pay rent :P. And for January, head back to Austin and do another year of E-Corps. I want to rebuild my financial base, possibly get a new car…Basically prepare for my next move. I’m considering either moving overseas again…Or going back to Buffalo and establishing a base of sorts there…I hesistate to call it a "home," since it will probably be another apartment, but base seems to work. Especially when I think about adamantine walls…Moats filled with zombie-eating acid…A helipad…But I digress. Buffalo calls, though I remain unsure as to where I will go after Austin. But Austin seems to be the logical next step. I know the city, know I could make E-Corps for another year…Know the work…Know I won’t need a car, know there’s a support network already in place for me there.

Mmm, what else…

I’m flying through my story and I’ve got everything set up for the final scene. Nina’s been reading it everytime I update and giving me great feedback; I’m pretty excited about it, whether it wins the contest or not. I could feasibly extend the world I’ve created into a novel and not lose interest in it over time, which is rare for me. I still need to give it a title though. I’m writing it as much in reverse as I am forwards…For instance, I JUST came up with the main character’s last name, even though I’ve been writing for nearly a month haha.

Well that’s about it; I’ll try updating tomorrow with something more profound. Right now, I need to pee.

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  1. What happened to Hawaii? Or Japan? Or Africa? Or school?

    I mean, your plan is just fine, of course, (especially the making it to the wedding and staying in DE for December parts), but I was just wondering why the change?

    • Complicated…

      All of those were tentative plans at best…I can barely plan months ahead of the present accurately, let alone a year. And I decided I don’t need be in a hurry to bounce around the globe…The US is as fine a place to be as anywhere else. Plus working in a monastery is not exactly paying the bills…And finally a good chunk of my assets are still locked up in the US; easier to manage a move and have access to everything at once, as opposed to doing it all via phone and the internet and paying for the hassle.

      And finally, I want to give into nostalgia’s grip and see Buffalo again. Both to see my closest friends, and as a thought-experiment. To prove to myself that it has not, in fact, become happy-go-magic land since I’ve left, as my memories have painted it.

      • Re: Complicated…

        *laughs* My memories have tried painting it as a happy-go-magic land too, but we’ve had the opportunity to visit it several times since we’ve moved, and my mind needs no more convincing. I understand where you’re coming from, however.

        I DO consistently miss the food, but that’s just because I like good food. 🙂

        Just thought I’d ask about everything else. I was just surprised to see such a change in them, is all. It seemed to go from “travel the globe” to…something else that I can’t find a trite name for. 😉

        Whatever you want to do is cool; I just was curious as usual.

  2. good point about the army and all.

  3. Derek and I would be very honored if you are able to make it to our wedding! Plus, you have to keep up your garter-catching record. Ari’s going to try to make it, but alas, the army rarely keeps its promises.

    Have you been able to get a new camera yet?

    • Ahaha!

      Bwahaha…Ahh, that was too funny! Derek tripping me, Ari and Margie livid…Fantastic.

      I called the insurance company a week back and was informed that the claims specialist was checking up on a few things but it appeared that everything was copascetic…However it also appears that they are going to mail me the check and won’t do a direct deposit bank transfer…Which I’m going to have to mail back to the states to get cashed once again. Last ditch effort to dodge that payout; just in case I should misplace the check.


      • Re: Ahaha!

        As a much hated insurance adjuster myself, I can attest that we cannot direct deposit funds for claims. However, they should mail the check wherever you tell them to. Have them mail it to your mom, then have her put it in your bank account. 😀

      • Re: Ahaha!

        I wish it were that simple…Problem is there are no Banks of America in Delaware.

        Which means Delaware is not, in fact, part of America.

        Therefore Delaware must be, as I’ve always suspected, a small, vestigial country, parasitizing off of the ass end of the nation while contributing nothing of cultural or moral value of it’s own save an overabundance of swamps, the spawning grounds for Food Lion grocers, which are extinct in most of the continental US.

        Jeremiah would agree, I think.

        Ok, I’m getting carried away…Need…DICE…

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