Greg is made of awesome; he sent me The Walking Dead: Volume 9 through the mail and I got to read it while eating a plate of Pad Thai in town! Woo, zombie comics!!

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  1. awesome, glad it arrived

    crazy issue, no?

  2. Wait.


    There’s a zombie comic book? And nobody ever told me about it?

    What the HELL, people?! Come ON!

    And there’s Pad Thai in NZ, which people forgot to mention to me? Geesh!

    Okay, not so upset about the Pad Thai thing….I sort of knew it was there, just like it’s everywhere.

    Is the comic book good?

    • What the hell yourself!!

      How could YOU not know? You, who made me realize the magnitude of the threat of the Walking Dead…

      But yea, seriously…The Walking Dead is a set of graphic novels that you should be able to find pretty easily at any bookstore…Even in DE, as my brother proves.

      Read them. Now. You will love them.

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