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I find myself reflecting lately on just how awesome things really are right now. Mostly because I’ve been reading my earlier posts, as I like to do on occasion. My worries, my fears, my ideas…The posts for my eyes only that really make me think about what was going through my head back then vs. where I’m at now and how I might have responded to that situation now…I bet people think I’m manic-depressive, or something, reading my Livejournal, but I want to assure my readers that I tend to write passionately mostly because I’m not an overly eloquent speaker, so I make up for it here. At any rate…I’ve been considering the past few years and what I’ve been up to…And I’m pleased to say that I am being true to myself thus far…I’ve proven to myself that I CAN get out into the wider world and live…That I am, in fact, competent at various tasks…That I don’t necessarily have to plug right into a proper career after college…That basically, life is what we make of it. 

Mmm…I wonder how long until my next rage-post. Probably next week or so. 

I called Clayton last night and we both realized that Saturday really wouldn’t work since I had to be at work early in Sunday; so instead I’ll be going over for dinner and to meet the family tomorrow afternoon/evening. Should be pretty cool; I’ll have to find something appropriate to bring over for my gracious hosts. I love meeting people on the road…Meeting people, in general, but especially while hitchhiking. Something about the situation really uninhibits people and allows them to satisfy their curiosities (aka. nosiness) about other people’s lives…I think we all often see someone interesting (and/or attractive) on the roadside and think "what are they up to?," if only for an instant. I’ve personally yet to pick up a hitchhiker…I almost did so last Friday when I went into Manukau to pick up Blake from the airport…A man and woman looking slightly younger than myself were standing by the entrance to the motorway, holding a sign with "AUCKLAND" emblazoned across it. But I didn’t stop; mostly because in the split second I had to consider it, I realized Auckland proper was quite a few K’s further in past Manukau…But I still wish I’d stopped. It would have been nice to be on the other side of the conversation for once.

I’ve finally come to the last scene of my story entry for L. Ron Hubbard…I’d stalled for over a week trying to come up with a resolution; a major problem was that it was becoming too long and I had to remember I was writing a SHORT story, not a novel…But I think I’ve a satisfying and interesting conclusion to Rodderick’s mini-saga. I need to have it postmarked by July 1st for it to be a valid entry…Which is a suprisingly tight schedule considering I only get 1-2 days of computer time per week in and a lot of it goes to billing, email updates, and general loafing.

Today in town I’m preparing a "care-package" for my folks back in Delaware…My mom’s birthday was just last month and I didn’t get the gift finished in time. But I’m rushing to complete it today and tomorrow, so next week I can send it off along with a Father’s Day gift for my stepdad and a little something for my bro so he knows I don’t utterly despise him. Of course, I still do, but he doesn’t need to know that. I’ve been browsing some of the tacky tourist-shops and I saw some pretty nice replica paintings of Maori chieftans I think he might go for…He really liked the African wood carving I picked up from that World Culture shop that spontaneously appears, has a "going out of business" sale, then vanishes back into the aether every holiday season at the Galleria Mall in New York, so I’m thinking something along those lines would make him smile.

Camera arrived in Delaware last week…Should be any day now…Wooo, new photo-dates!! Very excite!!

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