Beaches, plans, n stuff

Venerable Johti Palo and I were invited by Nook, one of our regular lay supporters, to Muriwai Beach, north of Auckland. It proved to be an amazing time…The weather, predictably, was a mix of rain and sunshine, but mostly windy and overcast. We took a walk across a series of volcanic black sand beaches, which I had never done before…The sand is extremely fine due to the weathering…Almost a powder in consistency. The scenery was spectacular…Weather-worn cliffs and sheer dropoffs..Basalt pillars…Even a small waterfall that was high enough that the wind would cause it to flow sideways for awhile. Had me pining for my camera the entire time. A nearby trail was lined with Pohtukawas…Otherwise known as the New Zealand Christmas tree. Unfortunately the flowers weren’t in season, but I could imagine just how it would have looked otherwise.

The best part was definitely checking out a tunnel that had been eroded into a cliffside. Venerable Johti Palo and myself spent about half an hour running back and forth, chasing the waves and having them chase us back out like little kids; running inside as far as we could before the water got too high. It was all kinds of silly fun. I also clambored over rocks covered in tiny mussels and barnacles, only falling once on the slick rocks but no injuries. Nook took some shots, so hopefully they’ll be on Facebook soon.

Got the day off…I WAS going on another beachwalk with a fella who gave me a ride into town last week, but he cancelled on me…Poop. On the plus side I FINALLY got the check from the insurance company, plus a notice from Uncle Sam saying they owe me more money, so hopefully I’ll be able to purchase my ticket home next month…I’ve been in contact with my old roomates in Austin and I’m trying to get my old living arrangement again, because it was so cozy…

Eric Hetzel from E-Corps got back to me and said I was more or less a green-light to get back into the program next year, which would be great….If I can get my old room back, things are more or less set for the end of the year…Except for, well…Buffalo…And Delaware, and all…But otherwise set!


Fingers crossed!

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