NextWave is pure hilarity.

Greg sent me a copy of the comic NextWave…It’s done by Marvel, and is suprisingly good if you’re into that sort of thing. It spoofs the Marvel Universe and has an acceptable story all it’s own, it’s quite good…Unfortunately, I have Issue 2, but not 1, so I’ll have to try and track it down…Which will probabaly be impossible since Kiwiland’s about 3-6 months behind the curve in music, movies, and especially books. And I’m not in Auckland or Hamilton, which actually HAVE book stores…I’m not sure which character is my favorite…Elsa Bloodstone is pretty funny, if only because of the glimpses of her past shown in the book…It’s more or less a mixup between the Captain and Aaron Stack. But almost impossible to choose.

"I do not believe in your God. God is for fleshy ones. I am robot. And your God will throw up when he sees what I have done to you."


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  1. i knew you’d love it, haha


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