Well! I (or rather my friend Mikhail ) had a whirlwind past two weeks. He came over to New Zealand from Buffalo; first time seeing someone from the ol’ hometown in nearly two years. I met him at the airport and brought him right on over to Vimutti; unfortunately skipping most of Auckland’s sights, but getting him settled in rather nicely at the monastery in the trailer on the back of the sala. And almost immediately running into problems as the power decided it didn’t want to work anymore; the cord finally started to wear through on the inside. Which meant Mikhail would be sleeping at night with no heat. He only THOUGHT it wasn’t that cold in New Zealand compared to Buffalo heheh. His first entire week was here at the monastery, and from what I’ve heard, it was nothing but good, though near the end he got quite antsy, which led him to decide to leave a week early and check out the rest of the country. And frankly, who came blame him, having a brand new country just outside your doorstep and not really being able to go explore. At least, not with a tour guide whose required to continue working at the place you’re staying at…So after a brief trip to Auckland, taking him to the Domain Park, the musem, Momotea Cafe (the awesomest restaurant in Auckland, by far. It’s a Japanese restaurant with Asian music playing on a projection screen, flashing lights, and random strings with stuffed and/or painted monkeys everywhere you look. it’s sort of like an Anime-Denny’s. Only the food is actually GOOD), a movie (Tracing Shadows; on our Asian-themed New Zealand night. Random action-comedy that was so-so…)…After his brief trip, I hooked Mikhail up with my buddy Steve, who works at the hostel we were staying at. Steve is a former tour guide with loads of connections, and he was easily able to set Mikhail up with a five day tour until I returned, which took him through Ragland, Rotorua, Waitomo, the Coromandel, Taupo…Most places I’ve been, but over the course of months, not a whirlwind five days haha.

This is just a small part of what I wanted to say…Next week I will talk about meeting him last night and hearing about what he had to say about his travels, as well as my own thoughts on having a friend travel with me after months of soloing it.

I do hate  having to cram a ton of info in bare bones sentences instead of writing descriptive prose, but only having internet access once a week forces me to be brief. But bear with me; once I get back to the States and have tons more free time (and cheap internets) available, the writing style of this journal will improve.

I do hope he was able to get onto his flight…His international flight was due to leave at 2:30…He got on the bus at around 1, and the Airport Flyer takes 45 mins to get to the airport…But he just HAD to bungee jump before he left. Adrenaline addiction at it’s worst…

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  1. Earl, I miss you! I can’t wait to see you!!!! When exactly is your flight in October, and who are you staying with? A hotel? I’m sure Laurie or her mom would put you up. I’d invite you here, but we’re stuffed with people–of course, you could always bunk with my grandma, LOL.

    • Hahah

      Well she HAS known a black man once or twice…Shudders

      I’ve got a hotel arranged; my stepfather gets free deals cuz of his job, so that’s my plan. I’m flying into NY on the 13th. My exact out-date is slightly hazy, but I’m currently planning on leaving with Jeremiah and Maria on the 18th back to DE. Miss you too! πŸ™‚

      • Re: Hahah

        Do you need someone to pick you up from the airport?

      • Re: Hahah

        Hm…Not originally. I’m getting a rental vehicle there to take to my hotel…Though I’m slightly scared cuz i’ve been driving on the wrong side of the road for 8 months, it will be night in Buffalo when i arrive, and there will probably be snow on the ground…How much would it suck for me to make it back only to end up in an accident after traveling so far…What’s the literary term I’m looking for to describe that feeling?


        YEA! Maybe if two ppl (at least :P) could meet me at the airport, we could take their car and mine and do stuff, then drive me back to the hotel in my car, and they could ride back with the other car.

      • Re: Hahah

        Count on me for at least one of those cars. I’ll be expecting a call.

        I’ll be posting a big story regarding everything that happened on that adventure trip.

        All the crazy stuff with the Haka, Zorbing, Caving and my bungee off the Auckland bridge πŸ˜›

        As for the airport, I did arrive late, they closed the gate, but I talked my way out of being stuck there by playing nice to the meanest taiwanese female guard I’ve ever encountered.. and had to be escorted through security and checkpoints πŸ™‚

      • Re: Hahah

        I’m slightly confused, but I (and I’m sure Laurie) will be there!

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