MoOoD SwInGs!

So here I am stateside once more…I’ve a computer that I’m not paying internet access for by the hour…My bills are manageable…Especially considering I’m back home at the moment…My family warm and loving…And I am unhappy. Strange…Yet I know the problem. I’ve been trying hard these past few months to come up with a solution to my work dilemma…Some job that I can put my heart and soul into and come out on top of, as opposed to dragging my feet into and out of a job I hate everyday. I’m done with that. Vimutti was pretty high up there as far as jobs go; my only complaint was that I was so far from the people I love. Other than the distance issue, I could have kept up with caretaking for awhile yet. I’m parousing listings for the University at Delaware that Maria Fargo pulled up for me (and thanks for that!)…Unfortunately they’re not hiring on a temp basis and their other listings are not jobs I’m qualified for (Assistant Professor, etc…) They DID say I can show up in person and pick up an app. for general maintenance or busing positions if I wanted to tho (yay…).

Jeremiah pretty much fingered my dream on our ride back to Delaware…He suggested that I become a travel writer/photojournalist and keep doing what I’m doing and write a book or three on my experiences. He said I have "the touch" and gave me his vote of confidence in being able to pull it off as a part-time gig, at least. And I agree; I think I could make a decent travel writer and it’s still something I’m working towards. During our conversation I was curious but not overly optimistic about my chances at that, but I realize now that I was only starting to settle into the funk that I’m in now. Generally before and after a major upheaval in my life, I reach a low and get mildly depressed about the current situation. But I need to see the big picture, I think, and considering how much support I have in my endeavors presently, I should be incredibly pleased I can sit here with no job writing on my Livejournal while searching through classified ads on Craigslist, at my family’s house with two great friends an hour away rather than tearing out my hair due to further stress. No need to make that which isn’t there…"It’s the process that matters, not the results," to quote Venerable Jotipalo (who probably got that from somewhere else!) So I’ll just keep on trucking…

I feel better already; thanks Livejournal!

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  1. “fingered my dream”

    That just sounds so wrong.


    If there’s anything we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to ask. Maria’s better at figuring out this “life stuff” than I am, but I’m a dreamer, and I’m always happy to back up my friend’s dreams, especially when I think they can really succeed doing it.

    I truly believe this is something you can do. Just FYI.

  2. You know I agree with Jeramiah. I think you would be great at writing/photojournalism. I have thoroughly enjoyed your observations and insight, and your pictures only compliment and anhance what you convey. You have had some unique opportunities that not many people get a chance to, so why not? I know this doesn’t help your current dilemma, but I just thought I would put in my two cents. One thing I have struggled with was finding out how to pursue what I enjoy. I like helping to do that? I found that being on the sidelines wasn’t for me (the hard way) and now I am back doing something I enjoy and that I’m pretty good at. But, it took a little of what you’re going through to get to where I am at. So, know that you are not alone! If you need any help or just wanna vent, drop me a line..I’m here for ya!

    • I think we all struggle over exactly that: how to get a job that minimizes stress and maximizes enjoyment. It just feels like the dreams jobs really are pies in the sky. I feel better tho, thanks for the offer Adele!

  3. Job?

    What kind of job do you want? I can find anything – just give me a shot πŸ™‚
    Here’s one for starters:

    • Re: Job?

      This would be Maria…forgot to sign the post…I’m so s-m-r-t πŸ˜€

      • Re: Job?

        Well ATM I just need something that pays πŸ˜› Preferrably in DE, unless they’re willing to transport me. For at least a few months anyways…Being weird enough to continue writing about is a plus, but uneccessary. Once I get my feet firmly replanted, THEN I’m going to start considering my next move.

        But if you happen to see things IN the travel writing or Environmental sector..Let me know! Thanks Maria!

      • Re: Job?

        What happened to Austin? Have you decided to stay with your family for awhile?

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