So It Begins…

I have interesting stuff to talk about; went over to Jeremiah and Maria’s and had a pizza dinner with D&D for the first time in a year, hung out and had a chill time afterward, as always, had a Tarot reading for the first time, a full palm-reading, a wonderful breakfast, and an interesting time at the Newark Farmer’s Market…But that all has to wait because I’m actively pursuing a life goal as of here and now…

I’m writing a submission to the traveling website Transitions Abroad about my time at Vimutti; it seems they’re looking for "Cultural Immersion" submissions, with a Spa/Relaxation/Meditation subsection focus. As well as general a\articles on low-budget working and living abroad…I’d say I could sell them on a few works! So, back to work I go! Wish me luck!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to have my tarot read, just for fun. Did you find out anything interesting?

    • Hmmm..

      It was very interesting! At least, it could be, depending on how I interpret it, though Jeremiah, who did the reading without knowing the question I had in mind, gave an interesting interpretation of his own. That will be the topic of a separate post, but let’s just say it was very…Scarily easy for Jeremiah to present nearly exactly what I’ve been brooding over for a long time and the paths suggested through the tarot were things I’d been considering for awhile…Granted, he knows me all too well, and he cautioned as much re. his interpretation of it, but still, it was…Unusually precise. More on it later.

  2. Good luck, don’t think you could ask for a better fit for an article 🙂


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