I just saw a Facebook profile picture of someone…Not someone I know all that well; just an acquaintance from high school. ..Why am I telling you this? I’m just fascinated by this because it reminded me that I had a dream last night that I have absolutely no idea what it was about…But for some reason her name and that exact profile image were featured in it. The woman’s silhouette is against the setting sun and she’s on a swing set. But I’ve had no reason at all to think about this person, let alone their profile image.

And so comes the interesting part: the amount of information subconsciously stored by the human memory. Not only did I recall her image while sleeping, but I had forgotten I even had a dream until just now. The information was there the entire time, but I knew nothing of it; who hasn’t seen a tree or heard something on the radio and had a dream suddenly come rushing back out of the aether you had completely forgotten about? It’s especially weird considering I had been thinking about the filters the mind puts on our perception and attempting (unsuccessfully – or was it?) to perceive 100% of the information flow that streams into the senses as an exercise in meditation. And then that.

I dunno…It was just weird enough to warrant a post I guess.

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