Happy Halloween!!


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  1. Is it called “Monday”? I think it should be. Because that Boyd’s Bear dying is gonna upset someone’s gramma somewhere, but on Mondays that sort of thing happens.

    Also, Jfargo is a creepy stalker. Or something.

  2. Jfargo sent me. This picture is wonderful! I’d love to see more.

  3. Heh

    Thanks for the comments! I’ve yet to title it, but if I titled it Monday there would have to be a series…Hmmm…

    I’m reminded of an episode of Courage the Cowardly dog (not that anyone ever watched that show and for good reason)

  4. Jfargo sent me here…he told me to tell you that he’s a creepy stalker and he likes your pics. I like them too, but I am not a creepy stalker 😦 I’m working on it.

  5. Also sent here by your stalker. I do love this picture awfully hard.

  6. =)

    My stalker has done his work well! If any of you care to become stalkers too, feel free to add me!

    Oh, and no series on these, unfortunately…If I’da thought of it earlier in the month, maybe…But there will be new pics here and there!

  7. haha.

    that’s awesome. photoshopping at its finest.

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