Ho Hum…Searching for laptops…Listening to voices rant (or gush) at me through my speakers…All the while firing emails back and forth with my friend Jfargo …Working from home DOES have it’s benefits.

In case you did not know, I’m in between jobs at the moment. I’m stateside and with my family, but I’m in a money crunch at the moment, and since I’ve nothing planned until I return to Austin, I’d been scrambling for a way to make some dough. Well Jeremiah hooked me up with an IT Data Entry company called CENSORED who he’s been working for, for a few years now, and I’m giving a job that a suprisingly large number of my friends do for a living a try.

And I’m surprised.

I thought for sure I’d have lost interest and drive and would drag myself out of bed to take three steps and turn on the computer to do this. Granted, I’m not chomping at the bit to listen to people’s comments to CENSORED regarding their service…BUT there’s a subtle enjoyment that comes with the job that I think is worth posting and for me to remember when I look back on this period of time. It’s interesting simply listening to people, really, and trying to learn as much as I can about them while I work! I think we all do it, being human…We hear a voice on the phone, or the radio, and we immediately construct a mental image of what that person looks like; or at least I do.

"Hi hello um my ah technician that arrived today he was um he was was excellent very professional ah informative and answered all of my questions ah thank you so much bye."

Not an actual call, mind, as I’m pretty sure that might be illegal to post. Even tho I get some real funny ones sometimes.

My ears pick up a feminine lilt to the tone…The pace and "energy" sounds like a younger person but with more strength…Screaming kid in the background,..Young parent. Early thirties, perhaps. Slight inflections of the words, a lower pitch and a bit of a drawl lead me to believe she is black. She seems pleased, and sounds stress-free. TV’s on, sounds like the news. Is the krib in front of the TV? Maybe its a sunny day…

Basically my mind works to construct a scene based on purely auditory input. In regards to putting a face to a voice, I think that’s especially fascinating that I do that, even if I might be absolutely wrong…But I’m willing to bet I’m not in most cases. Richard Dawkins wrote a very interesting book called "The Ancestor’s Tale" that has a story that relates directly to this called "the Grasshopper’s Tale." "The Grassshopper’s Tale" has very little to do with grasshoppers (it’s a wierd book but neat) but rather race relations and the cues humans pick up on when dealing with each other and how ingrained it seems to be in our psyche despite our current trend of color blindness.

I didnt really mean to touch on Dawkins, incidentally…The call just sparked my memory of that interesting book; if you’ve the time and come across it, look up "The Grasshopper’s Tale." What I wanted to say was that I shouldn’t be nearly so quick to label something as boring and not worth my time without trying it first, as I did with this particular type of work.

Still…I wonder if I can introduce chainsaws into this line of work somehow. =P

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  1. Hmm. Chainsaws and typing. I’m not sure how it would work, but make sure to make a video so we can put your final moments on YouTube and get 1,000,000+ hits!

    • Ah

      I had written the names of the companies I transcribe for but according to sources that shall remain nameless (see above poster 😉 ) I can get in trouble with my job for writing about them; its all supposed to be confidential. So: CENSORED!

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