No, its not Ein, don’t even say it!

Cute as a button, ain’t he?? This is Jack, my mother’s new Pembrooke Welsh Corgi. She’s been trying to get one for AGES through the Delaware ASPCA and was about to break down and get a puppy from a breeder when he finally showed up! Can you imagine this little guy being a stray; who’d abandon such a wuvvy-poo cuddle bug?!?!

Gah…Ok, enough gushing…I think he has some sort of gaze attack going on there, or something. Ok, made my Will Save this round. Now I’m free…To…Scwatch his fwuffy ears!! Anyways, at least I have another hand free to type *scratch, scratch*

We think he’s two years old, and was probably been in a house before. Being a Corgi, he has stubbly little legs; my parents have nicknamed him "Low-Rider," and it’s quite appropriate…But don’t be fooled; when he gets going, he’s a tortoiseshell blur; he is freaking FAST! He’s somewhere in between a little dog and a big dog in personality though; he can be catty and not want to be bothered except on his terms, but when he’s feeling energetic, he races around, bats up his budda-bone, and wrestles and leaps. He’s a good addition to the family; I’m just glad Mom finally found the dog she wanted. More than anything, he’s keeping her company when my brother, myself, and stepdad are out (although he’s taking a real liking to my stepdad, and him to Jack, as he’s a huge dog-lover…moreso after Peppy died). So say hi to Jack Watson, Livejournal World!

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  1. That is one seriously cute pooch. I volunteer most weekends at the city pound in Houston walking and loving on the animals and helping people adopt animals. Bless your mother for getting a rescue animal and not buying from a breeder.

  2. Hi Jack! Aren’t you the cutest little puppy? Yes you are! Yes you are!

    (damn, failed my Will save, how long does Dominate Person last anyway?)

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