McDonalds is NOT a valid cancer-treatment…

Mom won’t stop eating junk food…Seriously; she goes in for Chemotherapy and then wants to eat at McDonalds the next day. That’s like getting a second chemo treatment! So I’ve been trying to cook and pamper her, and it may be wishful thinking (which I believe also helps) but her appetite seems to be getting a bit better. She’s more content to stay in bed with Jack and watch her soap operas and I can work from home during my spare time.
She wants me to pick her up some KFC in 20 minutes…I mean I DO like KFC…Love KFC…But its not what she needs…Or maybe it is. If it makes her happy maybe it will make her well, as well. Mental health counts too. Still, I better take the skin off of it. And eat it myself so she can’t find it later. Ahh, the sacrifices I make…

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  1. Mental health is very important, of course, but she needs to know that staying healthy is more than just going to chemo regularly. *sigh* Wish I could help you with this, man.

    If you’re coming out here any time soon, I could always send you back with an extra helping of stew, just for her. Tell her it’s a new KFC thing, she’ll love it. šŸ˜‰

  2. Just wanted to say hi – seen some of your pix of NZ on the LJPhotophile group (I just found and joined in the last week)

    Hi from Christchurch in the South Island šŸ™‚ You have some nice photos.

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