Drama Looms on the Horizon…

So I’m back transcriptioning, and in the back of my mind, trying to work out/figure out how I’m going to squeeze in a trip to see my father on my last week here. With an Uncle coming to visit. With plans for friends to hand out. With my stepfather coming back tomorrow and undoubtedly some last minute family event coming up. With me still needing to talk to the family about "that" issue. With me leaving at the end of the week. Oy…

I really hate the drama that continues to cling to my family in regards to my parents divorce. I had a great talk with my mom at IHOP a few days back and got a lot of questions resolved regarding their divorce that I didnt know about before, but it changed little in how the dynamic works, I think. She tries to say she’s over it all, and it’s in the past and is cool as a cucumber now, but when I ask if I can borrow the car to see dad next week she closes up and has to think about it and doesnt think it will work, etc…Who does she think she’s kidding?…She doesnt want us to be hurt like she was hurt but I wish she’d be a bit more open about this issue…With many issues. We just don’t talk, me with any of my family, and it bothers me because I don’t tell much personally to anybody and if I can’t be open and direct with my own family and vice versa, well, that’s just messed up. No other way to say it.

Frankly, I think I’m going to have to make a special visit to see just him next year, because I’ve enough drama on the horizon. My relationship with my father is awkward in it’s own special way. Basically, we used to visit him after my parents split, and after much pulling and tugging from both parents, I felt like I were being especially emotionally abused by him and decided that I did not want to see him again. That was about 8 years ago, however, and as time came to pass, I decided that there was no malice in any of it, and I don’t like not knowing him. So slowly, we’ve been exchanging tentative emails and getting to know each other once more. It’s wierd, having to tip-toe around one’s family and I hate it, even though I know no one has the picture-perfect family we all think everyone else has. I think its a positive step, even if the rest of the family tends to disagree. But I’m seeing now that I have to undertake it alone and not involve anybody else with this because that, too, creates drama. So I think I have my answer and I hope Dad understands my reasoning, thanks LJ!

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  1. If you can’t get the car, and need a ride, that’s what friends are for. I’ll even go hang out at some local diner until you call my cell phone and tell me you’re ready to go, or whatever. See? Problem solved!

    Well, okay, not the underlying problem, but whatever.

    While I’m on the subject, and just this once I’ll not shout it since this is a serious topSTOP STEALING MY RECORDS! (I lied about not shouting.)

    • Your offer is incredibly generous and thank you. But I’m gonna pass; I’m working on first contact already and am gonna stick with my decision because I think its for the best.



      Keep reading this…




  2. I feel ya. My parents went through some stuff when I was younger and split for a while and now they are actually going through with the divorce. trouble is I tend to get along better with my dad than my mom these days..drama dram! Very mature of you to see through it all 🙂 Good luck!

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