Meet the Fargos

Yesterday was made of win! I went over to the Fargo residence, as I have been quite often these weeks, and had yet another fun time. Jeremiah made some (blackened :P) sauce with pasta and I brought over a loaf of sourdough bread and olive oil and garlic (which I left there), italian seasoning, and some Jiffy corn muffins which were reluctantly devoured! And of course, there was the fine company of Jeremiah, Maria, and the girls. Miah was good enough to let me know that apparently Prosodie sent out a “just kidding!!” email stating that we’ve got our jobs back if we want them, so he had to get right back on the computer and catch up on the past few days. So Maria and I went out to see “Men Who Stare at Goats” at the local theater…It was…Okay. I was a little bit dissapointed. For such an interesting plot idea it wasn’t nearly as funny as I expected but I didn’t feel like I wasted my eight dollars so I won’t complain overmuch.

And then when we got back we watched an episode of “Fear Tactics” and Maria handed me a “shiny new” laptop! Her old laptop actually, since she has a new one and they were just going to give it away but heard that I was in the market for one! How awesome is that? Many a time was there in New Zealand that I had a story idea but couldnt get it down because pen and paper was just too tedious and/or messy and by the time I got it down and transcribed to a computer or waited till I got to a net cafe, the story was so much hazy memory. I think this will definitely help me grow as a writer and will be a valuable asset for the future. Plus, it makes me look all “professional” when I go to coffee shops!

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  1. Yay

    Earl – I’m glad you had such a good time yesterday. The Fargos are always happy to help a friend 🙂
    BTW, didn’t you mean “censored” when you mentioned your employment? 😉 Otherwise, Jeremiah will have to have a “talk” with you.
    See you Sunday!

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