Browsing Craigslist in Austin

Hm…African Dance sounds interesting. At least as interesting as the Argentine Tango classes. I could see myself in a dance class; I love to dance and I know nothing about African Dance. But still…Time is a constraint and I definitely want to take a martial art, so no.

Lymphatic Massage for the Face and Neck CE Class, November 30th. Lymphatic Massages?? Isn’t that the swellings you get under your throat when you’re sick? Who would want to touch those? Must be a fetish or something…PASS.

Braintaning Deerskins into buckskins…You know, when the zombie apocalypse comes to pass, I will wish I’d taken this one. But as long as Derek’s on my zombie-squad, we’ll have that angle covered I think so pass.

Pole dancing, horse back riding, lots and lots of spanish classes…Ooo, free cooking classes! Bookmarked. Hm. A meditation seminar. At the Human Potential Center? Sounds promising…And its apparently in South-Central Austin, so it shouldn’t be too far away! Bookmarked.

Prenatal hypnosis…BWAHAHAHA…

Bookmarked. What? I’m curious. I mean they actually call their program "Hypnobabies"…

Meh. All of the martial arts classes so far sound real commercial. I wish I still had my computer with the info for the classes I sat in on last year. Those were fun and cheap!

Ahahaha! Ha! tell me if you’d pay $35 for this class. If I wasn’t so broke, I would actually attend because this is truly useful for survivalists. Bookmarked. They have a website too…So Miah, Maria. Dinner’s at MY place again!

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  1. Ew?

    Maria says we’ll pass, but thanks. šŸ™‚

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