I must give off a scent, or something..

Dear Obnoxious Proselytizer from whom there is no escape:

Thank you for answering my question as to whether or not you had any mail for my house in a prompt manner befitting a representative of the US mail service. However I must take objection to the second of your followup questions. In retrospect, I knew exactly what I was getting into when I answered that I was raised in the Christian Church. Your typically evangelical Christian force of charisma was obvious and I should have answered neutrally, but instead I decided to mentally prepare for and defend against the onslaught against my personal beliefs disguised as an expression of the love of Jesus. Because it works so well for me every time I do so.

So I said that "I was raised in the church but gave it up," hoping my flat, no further discussion wanted tone of voice would discourage you. It did not. So you proceeded to ask why and then expounded on how wonderful Jesus is, wah-wah waaaaah (ala Peanuts). I’d give this more space, but you said the same thing over and over again so I’ll just be brief: "according to my subjective experience, having been raised Christian ever since I was an impressionable child, by my own admittance, I have no doubt that Jesus actively works in my life and it fills me with warm fuzzies everytime I speak His name."

Oh, and great job completely failing to answer every genuine question that I had about your philosophy. I asked you if you were raised Christian and you said "all my life." And I followed that up with "and you think that has nothing to do with your current beliefs?" followed by a critical stare paired with crossed arms. This was was meant to tell you to come up with something logical or shut up and give me my mail. You said “certainly,” and seemed not to get it and started wah waaaah-ing again. So I cut you off and asked you about people of other faiths, who are born into theirs, have beliefs just as strong, and live and die without ever knowing Jesus. Your response was that anyone who looks around them can see in the world that a Creator God had to have a hand in all of it, the beauty of it all, wah wah waaaaah. Fine. So I followed up with "by your own admission, then, other religions that uphold a creator God, like Islam (which he had slammed earlier in our discussion) are just as valid." And he said wah wah waaaaaaaaah. Which sums up to no they’re not valid, but I don’t judge because when Judgment day comes, if Jesus isn’t the only way then we’re all OK. But if Jesus IS the only way you’ll have to take it up with Him. Whereupon I just laughed at the irony of the unbiased love of God. You told me that "God does not condemn; YOU condemn yourself by refusing his love."

………..Wow. Do you not even see the contradictions?! No of course not, because it does not apply to you, it applies to the heathen masses. So I said "good thing you were born lucky then and raised in God’s graces." And your response? "I prefer to call it blessed." Good thing you missed my point entirely. You say deep, deep down, inside of me, you can see that I’m struggling and crying out and searching for the love of God? I think deep, deep down, inside of you, you can see that you make no sense and need to validate your own beliefs with petty arguments rather than critical thinking and actual valid experiences that truly justify the belief you so badly want to be true. Because to be truly open-minded is to admit you lack faith. Oh, and that last bit? Also by your own admission. "Some people call me narrow minded. And I tell them I thank God for that." Yea, I bet you do; the actual world is a scary place full of core values other than the ones you were raised with, isn’t it? Far easier to reject it all than to examine them on their own terms; especially if your core beliefs discourage such curiosity.

I was mildly put off when I started writing this…And I feel no better getting it all down on "paper." But mostly because the paycheck I’ve been mentally spending on chinese buffet trips, laptop supplies and new dice did not come and make my weekend all shiny. So since you said you’re going to say "It’s all about…?" and expect me to say "love" whenever I wait for my mail, I’m considering responding with sarcastic quips. Like "- sex, drugs, and rock and roll!!" followed by an air guitar solo. Or "- me, now where’s my fucking mail?" But probably not. Because I care enough to respect your belief system and its sacred value to the core of any human being not to try my hardest to knock it off it’s pedestal. I wish you would try and do the same. And next time bring the paycheck I’ve been waiting for. Because you control my mail from start to finish.

Or should I ask Jesus about the delay?

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  1. I especially love when I am asked if I go to church or would I like to go to church and I reply, I am Buddhist and I have a temple I attend” and the person just takes it as a personal challenge to convert me. I am not lacking in a belief system (not that it is their business if I am). I have a whole set of morals and beliefs and I do not need to replace them with theirs.

    I am completely fed up with people that think I am a void that needs filling.

  2. I’m sure that postman’s supervisor would love to hear how he wastes time preaching on the job. Blind faith is just that — blind.

    • Only problem there is if the supervisor is, for example, a member of this person’s church and believes the same thing. It could then be taken to THEIR manager ad infinitum if necessary, and it would eventually get taken care of but does Earl care enough? Well, he might if he doesn’t get his check soon….

      • Hmm

        Well I haven’t come across the guy yet, as I havent been home much in the morning, so its currently a non-issue. But I think I’m going to tell him straight away that I don’t appreciate it.

        I thought for a long while after this what exactly was bothering me about this whole thing…I mean, I held my debating ground perfectly, it ended harmlessly…Why be upset? And then I realized Serene_Orange hit what was bothering me on the head perfectly; I’m annoyed by the assumption that because I’m not of the Christian faith I’m just a poor shell of a human being crying out for sustenance. It’s presumption of the highest order to try and “fix” someone because their ideas are different from yours, and I consider myself deeply spiritual, so it was even more offensive. All of that an unconscious resolution that I didn’t quite understand at first.

        So yea, I’ve decided its no longer harmless and I will tell him to quit it if he does do it.

      • Re: Hmm

        I think it’s a good call. I was just saying that I understand reluctance to not say anything.

        Hopefully it’s not necessary in the end.

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