Magic Crock

My new crockpot is so awesome…I’ve always been a fan of crockpot cooking, and decided to search for one while cruising Goodwills. Managed to snag a 5 quart crock for real cheap and decided my first recipe would involve using my favorite beef cuts for tacos: barbacoa. Now, barbacoa is the cheek meat of the cow, and, as you might imagine, ridiculously fatty. As in, easily half of the cut is fat. But I decided to try it anyways, because its a real cheap cut and I hoped the fat would all melt away into the soup for extra richness. So after getting back from the Elysium last night goth-watching with Randy and Cynthia I threw everything into the pot, got it going at 3 AM, and hit the hay..

…Well, actually I then installed Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, which I’d found at a thrift store for $5 (score!) and “tested it to ensure it was working properly”…And then went to bed.

So this morning I awoke to the smell of deliciousness in the house; the crock pot bubbling away merrily..And just a moment ago I sampled my first bite. Beef so tender I can cut it with a spoon, mixed with red potatoes, baby carrots, corn, green beans, and celery. For seasoning I used a McCormick’s seasoning packet…Cheating, I know! But I have to update my spice cabinet next paycheck and I was out of Rosemary and cooking wine to REALLY do it up, so I made do. Let simmer on low for 10 hours and you’ve got yoursef a meal!…Eventually!

Well, not all of the fat cooked into the broth. It’s still real fatty; people who get turned off by fatty cuts probably won’t like it all that much but the meat is so tender its easy to eat around it (even I had to avoid some of the larger globs but the small ones are just fine so long as I can cut the flavor and texture with meat and veggies). The potatoes were perfectly soft and thoroughly soaked with beef broth flavor, along with all the other veggies…I’m so pleased! I think a nice white chili is on the menu next; I came across a chicken white chili (white beans and sour cream, I think) that was incredible…And my magic crock should be the perfect way to do it!

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  1. we will be making our favorite crock pot food this week; vegetarian chili. We buy the Fowler’s 2- Alarm chili mix (box of spice packets) 2 cans dark and 2 cans light kidney beans, two cans of tomato sauce, two cans stewed tomatoes.

    Unbelievably delicious and easy. Also fat free until I top it with cheese and onions.

  2. Sounds tasty

    If you want to savor the flavor of the fat but not have big chunks of it, try throwing it in a blender with some of the broth. Blend until smooth and then pour back into the soup – nobody will ever know 😉

  3. Hey, there. This is completely off-topic from the post, but it’s at the top of your journal at the moment.

    recommended I stop by and say hello when I asked him for some people to go meet here on LJ. You’ve been added and I look forward to getting to know you if you’re interested! =)

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